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Quit India Movement - 75th Anniversary

Our nation is celebrating 75th anniversary of the “Quit India Movement”.

8 August, 1942, The father of our nation Gandhi, asked people to adopt non-violence for the Quit India movement. Ahimsa against the British was declared. The fight was not against the British but their imperialism.

The freedom struggle was real. Activist were getting beaten, tortured, imprisoned and killed. INC was the only organization who fought this struggle. CPI(Communist) did support the movement except during quit India movement when Russia(Communist) allied with British. 

RSS, They neither fought nor supported any movement of struggle. In-fact they sided with the British. Zero RSS member were arrested from 1925-1947. RSS boycott Quit India movement and Savarkar(RSS) had sold his soul to the British in return for being released from Prison. His communal propaganda hurt the freedom movement even further.

For INC it was the country. For Communist, their ideology and for RSS it was politics. Fast forward 5 years from 1942 and Gandhi is shot dead by Godse-Savarkar(RSS).