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who killed Gandhi and why?

Year 1948, January 30, Gandhi was shot by Godse during a prayer ceremony in Delhi. Prime Minister Nehru announced to the world “Light has gone out of our lives. Gandhi, who we fondly call Bapu was gone.

Historians and scholars have written extensively on “who killed Gandhi and why?” and the answer, obviously, doesn’t end with Godse. Godse speech in court why he pumped three bullet in Mahatma’s chest provides a glimpse into the politics of the assassination.

Godse told in the court “I do say that my shots were fired at the person whose policy and action had brought rack and ruin and destruction to millions of Hindus, I bear no ill will towards anyone individually, but I do say that I had no respect for the present government owing to their policy, which was unfairly favorable towards the Muslims. But at the same time I could clearly see that the policy was entirely due to the presence of Gandhi.” This radical thinking of Godse confirm that there is much bigger hands behind the killing of Gandhi, maybe a political more than an ideology. Godse love for country fell in the hand of wrong political party that made him take the life of very person who guided India towards Independence.

Aakar Patel, writing in Outlook magazine few days back had said “Little of what Nathuram says makes sense by way of logic. It was his (Godse’s) hatred of the secular ideology of Gandhi, the true Hindu spirit that he is finally opposed to, having been brainwashed thoroughly by the RSS.”. Godse was not alone, there was a bigger conspiracy.

Extensive research by scholars and historians has shown the involvement of Sarvarkar, the then chief of Hindu Mahasabha(now BJP) in the planning and killing of Gandhi.

There are 2 ways people understand the nationalism in India.
1.       People who consider Hinduism to be its central feature of it.
2.       People who consider everyone who identifies with and adopts India to be Indian.

Savarkar identified India as a Hindu nation while Gandhi and Nehru opposed him. The Savarkar understanding of Hinduism was not different from hindu but against Hindu. The principle of Hinduism of ONE god for divine human to exist in unity and harmony was either not understood by the RSS and Savarkar or their intention have always been political.

The RSS extremist ideology which killed Gandhi is the same that threatens India Today. The same communal forces and their ideology prevails in our country in the form of Ghar Wapsi and Love Jihad campaigns.

May the teaching of Gandhi embed in our heart and heal the country.

Cab Driver

One of the good thing about the company I work for is free transport from and to my home. It’s a one hour travel one way and a lot depends upon the driver who helping me drop or pickup.

There are driver of different kind. Some talk a lot, some don’t. Some honk a lot and others don’t. Some rash drive, some are always late.  Some dress well, others just show up.

There was one guy who always talked in English because he wanted to learn. Another guy from Assam would always reroute so we could have a tea at his favorite restaurant. Another guy would always play Bob Marley on his music system.

Most of the time I would stay quite immerse into my kindle cos that is the only time I get to read and some time I have people like Babu na.

Babu na is the guy who drops me back home every evening and he talks a lot. He has his own unproven theory and hypothesis. Today I thought to write about him.

Here is one of our conversation.
Babu na – You know who is our biggest competitor.
Me – Who?
Babu na – China
Me – Why?
Babu na – I will tell you something which most of the people do not know. China knows that Indian are smart and hard working. Especially Tamil, Andhra and Kannada people.
Me – what about Kerela.
Babu na- They have all left to Saudi so China do not care about them.
Me – What about North Indian.
Babu na – They are dumb.
Me – I am north Indian.
Babu na – Except few. Some north-Indian are very smart like you.
Me – True.
Babu na – So China knows very well that to counter Indian they need to handle south Indian, so what Chinese do is they import chana dal(Tamil - Pottu Kadalai) from India via airplane. A lot of them. And in china they roast the channa and mix a powder in the dal that makes one sleep and feel lazy. Then using ship the roasted channa dal is expoted back to India. We Indian use that for breakfast to make chuntney and feel sleepy and lazy so our brain stops working.We need to be very careful about chinese.
Me – Do you eat idly with chuntney.
Babu na-  Yeah I do. But I never use Pottu Kadalai for it. Do me a favour, don’t spread this around.
Me – oh yeah… I will never.

Few days back when our ex CM(Karunanithi) was admitted in hospital, Babu na said me another secret.

Babu na- Karunaithi is so smart and intelligent that if he dies, the UK guys would take his brain to investigate. They might make a clone of that brain to make UK smart again.

One of the best driver. Babu na.