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Laloo, our fallen hero.

Sushil Modi(BJP-Bihar) son got married last week and Tejaswi Yadav(Laloo’s son) had threaten to disrupt the wedding.

Year 1994 –
Congress has been decimated after Narasimha Rao rule and so was BJP post 1992 riot. A huge opportunity for other parties to make a mark on national level. In competition was Janta Dal and so was Laloo Yadav in the race to become the PM. Before the election Laloo has been convicted of the fodder case.

Bhabua –
Murali Manohar Joshi(BJP) and Laloo Yadav(JD) were schedule to come to Bhabua, my hometown in Bihar on the same day for election campaign. The whole town was cover by banners and poster of Murali ji, the only senior BJP leader to come and campaign in my town. Newspaper Ads, flags, microphones and everything else done to bring people for Murali ji’s meeting to be held at the Jagjivan stadium. 5000 people gathered around 11 am and the meeting was over.

Loved Politician.
In comes Laloo Yadav on his trademark yellow helicopter, flew over the town for 10 min and landed in the aerodrum. Our aerodrum was used as helipad only during election, all the other time we played cricket on it. 10,000 people even before the man have taken the stage. The crowd kept increasing. We Biharis loved this man. No campaigning was needed nor someone had to shut down electricity so the crowd move to the meeting. Laloo was loved and no matter what people flung to see him with no advertisement or prachar for his arrival.

Laloo and Mr Vajpayee often attacked at each other. Vajpayee was the one to put Laloo back to his place from national level. But when Vajpayee visited Bihar during rule as Prime Minister, Laloo personally made sure that his food and stay was well taken care of. They had lunch together on the second day of his visit and Laloo knowing Vajpayee fond for curd had homemade curd ready for Mr Vajpayee(It came in Newspaper).

Advani Episode :
Even before 1996, Laloo had ordered a must needed arrest of Advani in 1990 while on his Rath Yatra spewing hatred all around the country. Post his arrest, Laloo met him at prison and made sure he was comfortable and apart of his movement he was free to do anything. Laloo knew the arrest would cost him the government and it did.

 Laloo in Delhi to convince Advani to stop his Rath yatra.

Initial Days
Sankarshan Thakur’s book on Laloo describe him as a man who genuinely care about his people during his early days. Late nights he would come out to distribute blanket and food to the people left unaided on MG setu. Laloo was known a messiah for a reason.

Laloo made another arrest of a guy during a protest in Patna, I don’t remember his name(recroded in the book by Sankarshan Thakur). Post arrest, Laloo made a visit to prison with homemade food and advise him on why he got his arrested. Laloo said ‘no one knew till last evening, today Bihar knows you. This is good for you. Now eat and take rest.’

What point are you trying to make?
The point I am trying to make here is Laloo always kept his personal and political life separately. He never mixed his political anger with his personal affairs.
Coming back to Tejaswi Yadav threat to Sushil Modi, Laloo rebukes his son and he himself attended the wedding.


I have different political principles and different religious belief and still after argument I can sit with my friends and drink or ask for help without any hitches. You know why? Because we are grown up, because we are matured. Laloo is matured to keep his personal and political alignment in different tracks. Be like Laloo.Be Matured.

Laloo, our fallen hero.

Quit India Movement - 75th Anniversary

Our nation is celebrating 75th anniversary of the “Quit India Movement”.

8 August, 1942, The father of our nation Gandhi, asked people to adopt non-violence for the Quit India movement. Ahimsa against the British was declared. The fight was not against the British but their imperialism.

The freedom struggle was real. Activist were getting beaten, tortured, imprisoned and killed. INC was the only organization who fought this struggle. CPI(Communist) did support the movement except during quit India movement when Russia(Communist) allied with British. 

RSS, They neither fought nor supported any movement of struggle. In-fact they sided with the British. Zero RSS member were arrested from 1925-1947. RSS boycott Quit India movement and Savarkar(RSS) had sold his soul to the British in return for being released from Prison. His communal propaganda hurt the freedom movement even further.

For INC it was the country. For Communist, their ideology and for RSS it was politics. Fast forward 5 years from 1942 and Gandhi is shot dead by Godse-Savarkar(RSS).

KTM duke 390 delivery - Coimbatore


Questioning Education

Meet Raja,

Met him at KRP Park on his school uniform bunking class and roaming around the park.
My first question was “What are you doing here without going to school”. He Smiled back.
I asked him to help me with my camera in return for 10 bucks. He smiled back again and replied ‘No need of money, get me lunch’. Deal.

This kid is no ordinary. Probably carrying camera for the first time and the way he handled the camera was par professionals. His eye and lens coordination, his feet movement.. Panning slowly. Resting his elbow on his belly to avoid camera shake and asking me many times to change direction understanding the light for better videos.

Talent and Passion is what I saw. Get him a camera and some editing training and he will be on his own earning money.

On top of all the passion/talent, his communication skill in negotiating lunch over 10 bucks. That is enough marketing skill to thrive.

Makes me wonder sometime what will be the purpose of his 12-15 years of education in school and college in the current system we have. I am not against education but the system of education he has to go through. What if we had a system that would translate this talent of his into something beautiful for his future.

#TravelDiaries #SEED100
P.S – He is getting help.

Boy and his passion

Strolling on Avinashi road, Coimbatore looking for a studio to take my passport picture I happened to see sculptures arranged in a corner. Sculpture of different Gods/Goddesses, of flower vase, and of figurines. Under a tree on his old ‘thela gadi’ sat Prakash. Prakash is from Gujarat. His only talent is to make sculpture of any form.

Lost his mother when 6. Dad was working at Gujarati Samaj in Coimbatore and had pulled him in to work at the food mess there. Soon he learned the art of making stuff out of clay from his dad and started his own small business. Not just that he also supports his sister’s education.
To Prakash and to the billions of dream out there......shubhakaamanaen
More about his work on my next Video by Friday.

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TASMAC and it ill effect

Two days back I had to accompany a female friend of mine in a Chennai slum to meet a girl regarding her education which is to be supported by Seed100. The mother works in the local temple selling balloons, plastics toys and stuff to run the house and her eye gleaming with anticipation for our help. The house with just one room and asbestos roof and a plastic door. The mother and her 3 daughter treated us well with hot coffee and arranged cold water from neighbor's refrigerator.

Halfway through the cheerful conversation, enters the drunk dad. The kids runs out in fear, the mother tried to control him and keep nudging his shoulder, almost in tear asking him to calm down. The mother wanting her daughters to be educated more than the father cared and to stand in their own legs, not to end up in the same place as hers. Fast forward, the conversation is over we are out and then hearing the dreadful story of the family. I understood one thing, an alcoholic father is the worst curse to one family. This guy has been drinking enough to bring the family to poverty and forcing his 3 girls who aspires to become Lawyer, nurse and tailor to sit at home.

Two of my closest friends have similar story to share. Drunk, causing problem to the wife, fight with almost everyone in the family, embarrassment when in family meetings, and above all being the biggest threat to the kids life and the future.

It was MGR who established the TASMAC in 1983 and later Jaya who overnight established the chains across the state. She campaign to ban alcohol even when she was already in power in 2016. Government(AIADMK) has promised to shut down the TASMAC(the state run liquor business) in the last election, little to nothing has been done to shut it down. Recently the new prison-controlled-CM ordered for closure of 500 store which is still on papers.

Alcohol has been banned in many other states. Nitish Kumar banned alcohol in Bihar. Why are people allowing Nitish Kumar to ban alcohol in Bihar even though it generates huge revenue for them? Because sometimes people's lives are more important than money.

Yesterday a 7 year old boy stood in the crouching sun for 3 hours demanding closure of TASMAC near his school. They shut it down for 2 hours and opened it again. someone needs to hold the kid's hand like the one we did in Jallikattu protest. The story is covered by my good friend Pheba. The link is in the comment.

The TASMAC has to shut down and it has to shut down now.

Motorcycle ride from Chennai to Pulicat (Ft Dohnavur Riders)


Video Blog - Punjab Day 3


who killed Gandhi and why?

Year 1948, January 30, Gandhi was shot by Godse during a prayer ceremony in Delhi. Prime Minister Nehru announced to the world “Light has gone out of our lives. Gandhi, who we fondly call Bapu was gone.

Historians and scholars have written extensively on “who killed Gandhi and why?” and the answer, obviously, doesn’t end with Godse. Godse speech in court why he pumped three bullet in Mahatma’s chest provides a glimpse into the politics of the assassination.

Godse told in the court “I do say that my shots were fired at the person whose policy and action had brought rack and ruin and destruction to millions of Hindus, I bear no ill will towards anyone individually, but I do say that I had no respect for the present government owing to their policy, which was unfairly favorable towards the Muslims. But at the same time I could clearly see that the policy was entirely due to the presence of Gandhi.” This radical thinking of Godse confirm that there is much bigger hands behind the killing of Gandhi, maybe a political more than an ideology. Godse love for country fell in the hand of wrong political party that made him take the life of very person who guided India towards Independence.

Aakar Patel, writing in Outlook magazine few days back had said “Little of what Nathuram says makes sense by way of logic. It was his (Godse’s) hatred of the secular ideology of Gandhi, the true Hindu spirit that he is finally opposed to, having been brainwashed thoroughly by the RSS.”. Godse was not alone, there was a bigger conspiracy.

Extensive research by scholars and historians has shown the involvement of Sarvarkar, the then chief of Hindu Mahasabha(now BJP) in the planning and killing of Gandhi.

There are 2 ways people understand the nationalism in India.
1.       People who consider Hinduism to be its central feature of it.
2.       People who consider everyone who identifies with and adopts India to be Indian.

Savarkar identified India as a Hindu nation while Gandhi and Nehru opposed him. The Savarkar understanding of Hinduism was not different from hindu but against Hindu. The principle of Hinduism of ONE god for divine human to exist in unity and harmony was either not understood by the RSS and Savarkar or their intention have always been political.

The RSS extremist ideology which killed Gandhi is the same that threatens India Today. The same communal forces and their ideology prevails in our country in the form of Ghar Wapsi and Love Jihad campaigns.

May the teaching of Gandhi embed in our heart and heal the country.

Cab Driver

One of the good thing about the company I work for is free transport from and to my home. It’s a one hour travel one way and a lot depends upon the driver who helping me drop or pickup.

There are driver of different kind. Some talk a lot, some don’t. Some honk a lot and others don’t. Some rash drive, some are always late.  Some dress well, others just show up.

There was one guy who always talked in English because he wanted to learn. Another guy from Assam would always reroute so we could have a tea at his favorite restaurant. Another guy would always play Bob Marley on his music system.

Most of the time I would stay quite immerse into my kindle cos that is the only time I get to read and some time I have people like Babu na.

Babu na is the guy who drops me back home every evening and he talks a lot. He has his own unproven theory and hypothesis. Today I thought to write about him.

Here is one of our conversation.
Babu na – You know who is our biggest competitor.
Me – Who?
Babu na – China
Me – Why?
Babu na – I will tell you something which most of the people do not know. China knows that Indian are smart and hard working. Especially Tamil, Andhra and Kannada people.
Me – what about Kerela.
Babu na- They have all left to Saudi so China do not care about them.
Me – What about North Indian.
Babu na – They are dumb.
Me – I am north Indian.
Babu na – Except few. Some north-Indian are very smart like you.
Me – True.
Babu na – So China knows very well that to counter Indian they need to handle south Indian, so what Chinese do is they import chana dal(Tamil - Pottu Kadalai) from India via airplane. A lot of them. And in china they roast the channa and mix a powder in the dal that makes one sleep and feel lazy. Then using ship the roasted channa dal is expoted back to India. We Indian use that for breakfast to make chuntney and feel sleepy and lazy so our brain stops working.We need to be very careful about chinese.
Me – Do you eat idly with chuntney.
Babu na-  Yeah I do. But I never use Pottu Kadalai for it. Do me a favour, don’t spread this around.
Me – oh yeah… I will never.

Few days back when our ex CM(Karunanithi) was admitted in hospital, Babu na said me another secret.

Babu na- Karunaithi is so smart and intelligent that if he dies, the UK guys would take his brain to investigate. They might make a clone of that brain to make UK smart again.

One of the best driver. Babu na.