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* Read Read

I read a lot of stuff. I read jungle book, magazine, politics, history, gossip stuff, property, comic, health and what not. I love reading more than seeing (Movie). Seeing is just translation of what your eye sees, but reading is where you get your imagination playing.

2 things in the blog. 1. A little about kindle and about a site to maintain what you read and what you want to read in future.

That is one reason I prefer Quora over YouTube. And so today I bought a Kindly Paper White. It cost around 10K but comes with 50k free books. And if you pay 1300 you would get around 1.5 Million books and they are not some random crappy books but they are actually good stuff. Even many of the books which are recently released.

I have used this kindle for just 8 hours and this is what I feel

1. Small and have plenty of books inside.
2. Can carry your bible with you.
3. Has in-build dictionary so you get to improve your vocabulary.
4. Books are 80% cheaper in kindle so you save a lot.
5. Easy and cheap to get foreign authored book. Most of the books published by a foreigner are expensive. Not so in case of Kindle. Spiritual warfare by Joseph price cost 1299 but the kindle version is just 250.
6. Easy to carry anywhere.(I wish it was waterproof ..would
Be reading while i am bathing today ;)

I read books worth much more than this Kindle.

If you haven't started reading yet, start now.

Visit "" for book recommendation. It’s more like Facebook with friends & group but instead of discussing whole lot of crap we discuss only book. You can track you books here and get in sync with your kindle.

Happy reading.

For detail visit Kindle: