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* Lets not fight

Six river flows from Pakistan to India(Indus River, Chenab River, Ravi River, Jhelum River, Sutlej River, Panjnad River) and few from China(Brahmaputra River). Pak and china is our biggest enemy but still they have enough common sense to share the natural resource and the dam is properly maintained by both the country under few water treaties. We do have few problems with China but nothing like what we have here in South India.

The problem with India is we Indian ourselves. The mullaperiyar dam issue and the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant is one of the best examples of it. It is politics. Why can’t we Indian not see the politics behind it?

Kerala and Tamil Nadu are inter-dependant aren’t we??. Both this state depend on each other for lot of things.  If problem comes both will be effected badly.  Being curios about this news I happen to see the map of the river and what surprises me is that the River starts in Kerala, flows in Kerala and ends in Kerala. Both the rivers, Mulla and Periyar originate and runs totally inside Kerala and still we have problem.

It all depends upon the common sense of a human being. A Dam of predicted life 50 to 60 years, and having 116 years how long the Dam will survive. It is the ideal time to construct a new Dam to save the Kerala as well as Tamil Nadu. Experts say Kundamkulam Nuclear Station is safe. TN Govt say Otherwise. Experts say Mullaperiyar is Unsafe, TN Govt Say Otherwise. Today’s news was even shocking, saw people throwing stones at shops run by malayalies and same case on the other side. Taking advantage of the prevailing misgivings between the two states over the dam issue, five persons, all office-bearers of the Tamil Thesiya some Katchi, suddenly appeared from nowhere and started smashing a tea stall, a fruit juice outlet, one near a bus stand, and another near a Tamil newspaper office(They were arrested later). People from TN heading to Sabaraimala who have been attacked with buses from TN being stoned in Kerala.

Something looks fishy with the intention of both the state, If safety is then only reason then why Kerala govt. is not giving proposed new dams ownership to TN, something fishy and cleverly articulated to spread unwanted panic among Kerala people, I have seen Mallus and Tamils were living like brothers than any other state peoples, now this trivial POLITICAL POWER STRUGGLE will create a big gap among these peoples, wake up my fellow Indian.
And Someone please Slap Vaiko, a clone of Digvijay Singh. Please tell stupid Vaiko to stop to give inflammatory messages against Kerala. Ultimately it will affect Tamil Nadu.

One thing is clear the ultimate aim of all the selfish politicians of both the states are getting achieved !. The reason why Hyderabad stopped developing is telungana. I just pray that Coimbatore is not affected in the same way.

Beside Vaiko waiting for what our cine stars from both state has to say (that include vadivelu and TR)