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* Why God why?

One day as I impatient grew
Ten yards away my pillow I threw
And as I stooped my pillow to take
I heard my heart a murmur make

“Why God why?
Why do You let me cry?
You know all my tears
The reason for my fears
Why don’t you take it away?
Help me as I pray.”

With tears streaming down my eyes
I waited for God’s reply
And as I quietly sat
I felt a gentle pat

“Why dear why?
Why do you sigh?
After this brief pain
Bounteous blessing you’ll gain
And I am close beside
As you in Me abide”.

I then felt a strong hand hold
And was very much consoled


Rakesh Babu T

You expect a comment for this content which is copied without permission???

Anyways, its cool buddy :p