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* Why God why?

One day as I impatient grew
Ten yards away my pillow I threw
And as I stooped my pillow to take
I heard my heart a murmur make

“Why God why?
Why do You let me cry?
You know all my tears
The reason for my fears
Why don’t you take it away?
Help me as I pray.”

With tears streaming down my eyes
I waited for God’s reply
And as I quietly sat
I felt a gentle pat

“Why dear why?
Why do you sigh?
After this brief pain
Bounteous blessing you’ll gain
And I am close beside
As you in Me abide”.

I then felt a strong hand hold
And was very much consoled


* Facebook Google Twitter...

Indian Telecom minister Kapil Sibal have asked Site like Facebook and Google to monitor the content in the site posted by the user. Both the company had decline and even challenged the supreme court of India saying that  India is not a totalitarian regime like China. Working in the related domain I do understand that monitoring each and every content posted by the user is difficult and impossible. But one thing we User of Facebook should realize that many of our close ones account or picture is been misused and hence intervene from the government is needed. When High Court warn Google India that they might consider blocking Google and other sites like China. Google India Reply was "We are not totalitarian regime like China"

Yes, India is not a totalitarian regime like China. India is a democracy. Indians have democratic rights unlike Chinese. Chinese are forced to live in clean, modern cities. Indians have the freedom to live in slums, poverty and dirty cities. Chinese are forced into a literacy rate of 95%. Indians are free to have the highest number of illiterate people in the world. Chinese are forced into respecting women. Indians have democratically made their nation into the 4th most dangerous for women. Corrupt Chinese politicians/bureaucrats are hanged by their authoritarian regime. Corrupt Indian politicians are free to get away with it thanks to a democratic respect for the rule of law (namely those who can pay have the protection of the law, the poor do not). Chinese are forced into having a unified national identity that makes them a strong and united people. Indians are free to claim areas of India for their own, separate the people there by religion, caste and language, decide who can have human rights and who can't, and spread hate, distrust, and jealousy towards their fellow Indians. In China, you commit a crime and the authoritarian regime will punish you. In democratic India, you commit a crime, you get elected as a politician, enriched as a businessperson, or just plain get away with it. Yes, we Indians have every reason to look down on Chinese, how they must be so envious of their Indian neighbours and their great democracy. We are all so lucky and must be grateful for our freedom to be Indians. The world is so jealous of us.

Seeing your close people in a compromising situation will be also objectionable take a note of that. This is freedom of speech and you are asking not to ban it. You will abuse me I will abuse you in the name of freedom of speech, This is what being told to check by the govt, but as usual BJP and others are twisting the tale.

Also I too feel personally that Software offences should be investigated only by NASSCOM and not by our typical judges who qualifies only by caste based reservation and doesn't have basic knowledge of computers. And the way Kapil Sibal has been talking about these case makes him look like viako. Anyways Kapil hasn't made a fool of himself, He was born that way.