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* Don't take the Lord's Name in vain.

In fourth year of my college I had this sudden feeling that I need to put on some weight. And I wasn't eating well cos I was not feeling hungry enough. So I decided to meet a doctor. There are two Hospital in our campus, one claims to be doing charitable work and spreading the Gospel, they have all this God's picture and various words stuck on the wall(let me call it as "Our hospital"). And other one which has no sign of God or charity mentioned anywhere on their wall or on their Welcome board (named chinmaya). So I had presumed that our hospital was better. But on this day I wanted to go to Chinmaya(Reason: class was going on, the nurse or doctor might report my register number to the college authority for roaming out when the class was on).

The way in which the chinmaya hospital doctor treated me was something that I have never experienced before with any doctor. He spoke with me for 30 min for that small problem(no hunger). He gave me some medicine and took from me a very nominal fee(From my previous experience I can say that it was a lot cheaper and better than our hospital). He asked me where I come from?, What I was doing?, what I want to become? and other question to make me feel better.

Soon after this I went to our hospital to buy a medicine that wasn't available in chinmaya hospital. The staff there started asking question after question(Rudely). There behavior towards me made me question there values. I had to escape, I bluffed her that I was an outsider and gave them back some advice which was necessary for that moment.

I am not judging the staff of our hospital. If you want to be rude, be rude, But please do take out God's word and his picture that you have stuck on the wall. Don't take His name in Vain. I see christian having word like "JESUS LOVES YOU", "JESUS IS COMING SOON", "JESUS ROCKS", ...and other God's word stuck on their car and breaking the traffic rules. If you want to break the rule, break it , but first remove out the sticker. Don't take His name in Vain. If you are labeling yourself as a follower of God then better be one.

The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today... is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is simply what an unbelieving world finds unbelievable. - dc talk

Don't take the Lord's Name in vain.


* The Umbrella Ghost.

Dedicated to a Friend(Kadam) of mine who claims to have seen ghost from childhood. Here is the answer for your question. God Bless you.

This "True incident" was told to me by my Bench-mate Dinesh P in Networking class, when Priyadarsani ma'am, our networking Teacher was lecturing on OSI layer.
In a Town near Madurai, a girl(Anitha) of age 20 was walking on the railway track at 8 pm in the Night. It was raining. A 50 years old man, her neighbor saw her and asked her why was she walking around when it was pitch dark. She said she was going toward her home. Uncle said her that he will escort her to home, but she refused to take help. So this Uncle gave Anitha his umbrella and said to to stay away from track and to go home straight.
Next day, this uncle went to Anitha's house and met her Dad. He told her about Anitha and wanted the umbrella. Anitha father was shocked. He said Anitha passed away 15 days back in an accident. So Anitha's dad and that 50 years old uncle went to the graveyard and to they were shock to see the umbrella hanging on the Cross of the graveyard.

I didn't believe this "True incident". But I had no other choice cos this story was in some way more interesting than the OSI layer taught by Priyadarsani ma'am(This is the another reason why I had to study Networking for 4 semester, the other reasons are, F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV serial, Plant and Zombie).

What is Ghost? Do They really exist?
Normally we would think that ghost is from the "soul" of a living thing. If that is the case, then the world would be full of ghosts - and certainly this does not look so. I have heard many dreadful stories on ghosts disturbing people. And recently I came across a new friend who said that he could see ghosts since he was a small boy.

Some say that people before they pass away have some unfinished business or something they wish they could change before they die. That would be a ridiculous amount of ghosts in this world. And as for our loved ones, it would be saddening to think that their after-life consists of having to watch over us.

The truth of it is everybody is made up of three parts: your body (physical, the part that executes the actions), your soul (your mind, memories, feelings, the part that makes decisions), and your spirit (the part of you that lives on after your body dies, also the part that can be in touch with the spiritual world around you). When we die our spirit is instantly taken to Heaven.

Fake Edited Picture.

What we have come to know as “ghosts” are actually Evil Spirit, The Devil. The devil makes us to believe in Ghost. The two types of spirits interacting with our world are angelic and demonic.
So, why would fallen angels pretend to be someone else?
The answer is easy; because if we believe in ghosts then we don’t believe in heaven or hell. And for those that do believe in ghosts and heaven and hell, it still completely eliminates the authority and governing of God. So If you have any experience of seeing a ghost, that not a bad thing, It is the Devil trying to Deviate you from the Truth.

As for my new friend, the fact that you see “ghosts” is not a bad thing. I know kids who can see angels. I would suggest that you learn the what and why of your ability. I hope this has helped you.

* Student scores 85%, but hangs herself.

Unhappy with her score of 85% in the recent SSLC exam, M Sunidhi, 16, allegedly committed suicide in her house. Sunidhi had often fretted that she had not scored 90%. According to her grandmother, Sunidhi was depressed as she had failed to score over 90%. "She would often tell me that she was unhappy that she could not score better. She became more disturbed when she failed to get admission in a college of her choice,”.

Source: Times Of India

While in college, every semester there was a news that someone has end his\her life. A 4th year boy called it an end after someone said him “Useless”. A junior did the same after his parents said him to stay in hostel during festival holidays.

This 'Ratta lagao Marks Pao' education system really sucks. Such pressure is always there. Nothing new, main thing is life values. We are not able to teach the Students the ways to tackle difficulties.Our Education system is deteriotaing day by day. Needs improvement.

Suicide is man's way of telling God, "You can't fire me - I quit.".

It is easy to categorize persons who commit suicide, either as cowards or psychologically affected or look towards them with sympathy. what a person thought before committing suicide, what led the person to do that, may be a lengthy debate, but still ends with "what a foolish decision it was".

Even during depression you can make it through it, without succumbing to the deepest darkest hole in your mind.


  • Ask The Almighty for help, Talk to Him.
  • Talk to Friends and family.

2.When your feeling like doing something bad. Do something else.

  • Go online and chat
  • Go for a walk
  • Go talk to your best friends
  • Always ask for help.

3.Keep one thing in mind.

  • Life is worth more than the darkness.
  • You can overcome the pain.

  • Stay as positive as you can
  • Writing down your feelings can be helpful
  • Asking for help does not make you weak
  • Even big strong men need help sometimes


  •  Death is forever, you cannot take it back.
  • The pain you cause others is greater than what your feeling right now.
  • Even the darkest days cannot be as bad as never being here.

In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus became grieved and distressed, saying "My soul is deeply grieved to the point of death". In Gethsemane and on the cross, he took our agony, our guilt, our depression, our fear, so that we don't have to be stuck with that garbage any more.

The Bible says that Jesus has been tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin (Hebrews 4:15). That means that Jesus allowed Himself to feel the awful pull to death and suicide, and then he broke its power on the Cross.

As a result you don't need to punish yourself anymore. Jesus took your punishment. You don't need to condemn yourself anymore. "Now there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus." (Romans 8:1). You don't need to be consumed with fear any more. "Perfect Love casts out all fear." (I John 4:18) .


  • (+91) 04639 - 235 315 (Jesus Redeems)
  • 91-44-26267162 (Youth For christ)
  • 91-44-26220417 (Youth For christ)


* The King Of Bhutan.

His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
"Throughout my reign I will never rule you as a King. I will protect you as a parent, care for you as a brother and serve you as a son. I shall give you everything and keep nothing; I shall live such a life as a good human being that you may find it worthy to serve as an example for your children; I have no personal goals other than to fulfill your hopes and aspirations. I shall always serve you, day and night, in the spirit of kindness, justice and equality."

His Majesty with Jetsun Pema(
a commoner), the future Queen of Bhutan.

His Majesty preparing a meal for students

Villagers greet His Majesty on the way to Kengkhar in Mongar during the Royal visit last year. The journey to Kengkhar takes approximately 7 hours by foot from the nearest road.(Our politicians would never come for even 7 min of walk :( .

His Majesty joins the students and the people of Jurmey for a game of "Duck, Duck, Goose"/"I wrote a letter to my mother".
His Majesty gardening with Bhutanese ladies.
His Majesty gardening with Bhutanese ladies.

His Majesty plays a game of soccer with students

visit to recent flood affected areas.


The Druk Gyalpo with villagers
His Majesty encouraging his people from Lhuentse district to participate in the first mock elections of Bhutan(transition to democracy).

An elderly nun offers her prayers for the prosperity of the country and the long life of His Majesty the King

His Majesty shares a light moment with his people



* Google Earth

If I were to select one website which contributes the most to Internet, It must be Google. Today I downloaded Google Earth and thought of going around the world. Wow these people have indexed the satellite images and made a really really huge map of this world, Wonder what other service people need to use other than Google Earth in the future. Little bit of searching and I landed up right next to Niagara falls watching it from the top. And then I saw my house in North and some of the place where I have been to and did my education. Amazing application.

There was something know as keyhole before, but then It was sooo slow at that time, took up lot of processing power, was a PAID service. What great difference Google has made to it, What more is Google going to do in the days to follow always remain a mystery.


* Do we need WW3?

'Yeh Love letter likhna bandh karo, Pakistan ko wohi zabaan main jawaab do jisme woh samajh sakhtey hai ..." Said by Modi, CM (Gujarat)

If Pakistan Army or ISI made this statement that Dawood Ibrahim is not in Pakistan, I can understand, because they would know better as they are hiding him. Rehman Malik(Pakistan's foreign minister) does not know if he himself is in Pakistan or not. They are losing their credibility every day by such stupid statements and then they show surprise when these people are found/killed in their own backyard.

What India will do after getting Dawood? He will contest an election from Jail and get elected in LokSabha. Lallu, Dogvijay and Burkha will try to fix hime for Home or Defence Minister. And India will spend more tax payers money after his security, as it is not enough we spend lot for Kasab and Afzal Guru. Pakistan is doing great service for India as it is not delivering Dawood to India. God bless Pakistan and keep Dawood with them forever.

The two lands partitioned for the sake of religious cause way back in 1947.. Pakistan was created for preserving the other religion. And look at what it has done away of its own self, and what it is doing away to us! God save us.

Too much of pakistan-bashing and too much of holier-than-though posturing. We are conveniently forgetting who raised and sheltered Bhindranvale and Prabhakaran. Fortunately they did not go against America and confined their activities to subcontinent. Otherwise India would have been in the same situation as pakistan is now in. Do we have the guts to admit that?
We learned the lesson only after 2 of our PMs were killed by the terrorists who were initially backed by them. We are delaying the execution of a convict implicated in Parlament attack case. We are afraid we may lose the votes of Muslims. We could not even touch Modi who turned a blind eye when Muslims were being killed. For the fear of Hindu backlash. This is our track record in dealing with communalism and terrorism.So what, Let us forget this and take delight in the plight of Pakistan.

It was not a Tamil soldier who hit Rajiv Gandhi. He was a Sinhali soldier. Rajiv Gandhi sent IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force) to Srilanka not out of noble heart. Rajiv Gandhi wanted to win back Indian Tamils' favor who were always with Dravidian parties and were sympathetic to Lankan Tamils. The then Srilankan president Jayawardhane knew he could not fight with Prabhakaran. Instead of pitting his soldiers against LTTE he invited us to do their job. Rajiv foolishly sent our forces to Jafna. In the end we gained nothing. We lost the good will of lankan tamils. We lost many of our solders. When the last batch of IPKF returned home, I remember reading it in a magazine, no one, no political party went to the port to welcome them. A total disaster. In the end, Rajiv himself succumbed to his own folly. Thus they politely showed us our place. Loyalty and patriotism doesn't mean blindly supporting the foolish decisions of the leaders. As an educated citizen, you should raise your voice if your leaders are doing wrong.

There is nothing wrong in self-criticism. Unless you identify your negatives, you will never ever be able to rectify them. As for Pakistan-bashing, yes, you can continue to do it as long as you believe it will solve the problem. But I don't think so. Do you accept Srilankans and Nepalees bashing us for messing-up there?

Majority of indians want peace with pakistan. as for the people who are yelling war cries , they are not particularly against pakistanis or muslims. Even if all muslims leave india, they will still be lots of squabbling. They have enough number of castes to fight with and dominate. Don't think all the Indians are like them. A few mischievous boys get bad name to the entire class.

To the politician:
You give aide to poor countries(Afgan, Nepal , lanka….etc) look in your back yard, You have more poor peole than rest of world combined beside china. Beside Sachin what this country of 1 billion has produced. People like lalu , fernandez, bofors, debacle at CWG , 2G scam , didn’t even left fodder for the cattles even. You guys stole coffins of the soldiers who died for the country. Before starting talking about other nations look inside your house.

Most of the politician comments are like kindergarten school kids laughing at their mate who tripped and fell down.

Hand in hand with US will cost highly to any country... they can go on until they complete their task. US is helping Pak because there is some thing US is trying to do.. .... Even few days back Mr. Obama said, we should be always on top not allowing any country to take her place. Unfortunately this is his dream and which is not going to come true. Pakistan or China or India..... we all need to be careful. US is very much selfish.

So the moral: Stop blaming each other. Stop Talking like a Kindergarten kid. Stop being influenced by our politicians. SAY NO TO WAR. SAY YES TO PEACE.

* India wins 2011 ICC World Cup


* What is yours?

Nothing is truly yours, except your own experiences.

Out here in my country, I see a lot of signs that read,

“This land is our land; hands off government”. Of course, I know what they
mean, but the fact is that nobody owns the land. “ownership” is a
fairy tale we tell ourselves so that humans don’t
harm each otherfor use of things.

But the truth is, nobody own the land – not a inch of it. When my
very short tenure on this planet is thr
ough, the land will remain.

If I pass down my land to my Next generation, someday they too will go. The land will remain.

But our experiences never leave us. War. Floods. Meteor crashes.
Nothing can take away our experiences. And when we go, we take them
with us.

For my money (Can I call it “MY”?), I would rather have dozens of
wonderful experiences that are all mine, than dozens of wonderful
things that never will be.


* My B.E final Semester Project

If you guys are looking for anything Technical from this post then please leave cos the depth in which I have explained the concept will not be understood by you. Others please proceed from the second paragraph.

Title: Multiple Routing Configurations for Fast IP Network Recovery

Team size: 4 No

Platform: DOT NET


As the internet takes an increasingly central role in our communications infrastructure, the slow convergence of routing protocols after a network failure becomes a growing pro

blem. To assure fast recovery from link and node failures in ip networks, we present a new recovery sc

heme called multiple routing configurations (MRC). Our proposed scheme guarantees recovery in all single failure scenarios, using a single mechanism to handle both link and node failures, and without knowing the root cause of the failure.

Project member:

We were asked to have 4 members per project. The search for the member began long back in 7th semester itself. All good guys joining with good guys and the bad[bad in studies] guys were left alone. But I was lucky to get some great networking expert in my group. My teammate includes Sammy, Mannish, Leander and myself (Name changed). We four guys were the best networking student you will get in 4th year CSE batch of 2010.

Me, myself have studied the same networking paper for 3 semesters, so it was my "area of interest". We sat together in class in the last bench with other bright student (company people). Most of the teacher didn't know our names and other who knew would never mention that. So we were very happy group. But all of a sudden mannish had to leave the team cos he was chucked out of college by Ninan john (Fondly known as sadist) . We missed him a lot cos he was the only guy who had a computer with Windows XP installed and was the most knowledgeable and also my roommate and a good friend. So now we were left with just me from Bihar , Leander from Tamil Nadu and Sammy from Andhra. Manish and Leander were also my

Roommate for 2 years in college.

"What should be our Project title?"

So the first Task was over. Now we needed a project title. Initially we decided to do some easy, simple project. But my Roommate and my friend Leander came with a plan to do networking project since his sister was a teacher in networking department in my college. He said she will help us and take care of all that is required and she would also help us in the reviews and other assignment since she was his sister. So we thought to take the project named "Multiple Routing Configurations for Fast IP Network Recovery". We had no idea what it meant, but were happy cos his sister was there. But guess what, nothing happened like Leander promised.

Project Guide:

Next was to search for a Project Guide, and to our luck we got a guide who knew nothing about what we were doing. Our Project guide was Angeline (not Jeeva Flora, the other one). After seeing our project title and the way we talked, she was so impressed that she wanted us to get the "Best Project Award” HA. Our senior never told us that there was an option to buy the project from the market. We came to know about this trade very late.

Project Center:

Finally we came to know a place from where we could actually buy the project. It was Acentre Technology in Gandhipuram, Coimbatore. Our Trainer was a Young white lady, and we loved that place. I and Leander have been there just 4 times. She explained us the project in Tamil. I didn't understand the language but Leander used to shake his head as though everything was understandable to him. When back in Hostel he won't be able to explain us anything.

0th(zeroth) Review :

The first Review went on well cos the superstar teacher of my Dept Mr Manimurgan and Mr Vivek were the questioner. Manimurgan:He asked a student in viva the full form of XML, reply was extensible markup lanuage..mani sir said "starting is X man" and he failed him. Vivek : During mini project his statement was "mini project is OPTIONAL but COMPULSORY" meditate on this. So with the help of such great teacher we cleared the zeroth review.

1st Review:

Let me introduced to you Mr Immanuel, networking expert. We hated him. After Zeroth we had lot of time. The only work we would do is go to college, give our attendance, eat well in the mess and sleep. Only when someone tells us that tomorrow is your review our tails would be on fire.

The first question Immanuel asked us was “what is Routing?”. That is the title of our project. Leander looked at Sammy and Sammy reciprocated by looking at me and i had no one else to look at.So we were kicked out. And were given 2 days time to prepare and present again.

2nd Review:

Second review went even bad. We were made to wait in the corridor for 2 days with our laptop in hand running behind Immanuel so that he can take our review. Finally after 2 days of waiting he gave us time in the evening to present our project. He saw our slide and asked “Why is your first line font different from second line font?" i said sir since i prepared the slide in the night, i made a mistake. For this statement the Immanuel got angry and kicked us out. sammy would say " this is the most ****** up situation in life". We just wanted the review to get over so that the pressure is off. We were least bothered about the mark. But Immanuel wouldn't allow us.

Final Review and the mark:

The final review went on very well. cos we were prepared for the worst after facing Immanuel for last 2 review. And we got a pretty decent mark too.

Today when i look back i don’t regret for not being in a good group where i could have don't a real nice project. But I i truly enjoy those situation. I am thankful to Mannish, Leander and Sammy for making me a part of this wonderful project which we never understood.


* Embrace the camera - 2


Meghalaya and Bengal


* Embrace the camera - 1

My first post this year. Have few topics but no time to type down. Last 4 months I was went around the whole of South India(Except Kerala). Took lots of picture. Wanted to put them up here, but before doing that here are some collection of Picture from North India, taken by my friend's(Paul Hudson) dad when he went to North for the mission trip. So with his permission i am sharing this picture.

Take out Bombay from Maharashtra and it will become poorer than Bihar.

Bihar (Transport)

A comparison of Public carrier and Official Carrier.



Andhra Pradesh