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St Thomas and Tiruvalluvar

For past 4 month i was in Triplicane (Chennai) which is half K.M from marina beach. The very next stop is santhome where you have a very big Church build on the grave of St Thomas , one of the disciple of Messiah. Now let me tell you how St Thomas came to India.

A king from Kerela wanted to build a palace for himself. So he commanded his minister to look for a good carpenter. The minister came to know that there are good carpenters in Israel. So he headed off to Israel and asked the king of Israel that they wanted a good carpenter , the Israel's king said that they can find good carpenter in Bethlehem. so the minister went to Bethlehem and asked the people and someone said about Jesus(Jesus was a carpenter's son). So the minister went and said to Jesus that the king wants him to build a palace for him, Jesus replied saying that he can't but he will send one of his disciples. So after Jesus was taken to heaven, Thomas packed and landed in India to build the temple for the king of Cochin. But the money given by the king to build the palace as used to do charity instead of building the palace for the king. after few month the king wanted to see the work of the palace. but there was nothing build. the king was angry and called Thomas. Thomas said to the king " Majesty , what you build on this earth will soon be destroyed, but what you make for God's kingdom stands forever" and then Thomas preached Jesus to the king and the king accepted the saviour and was saved.

This is how he came to India. and from there on he preached Jesus in Kerela and Tamil nadu.

What i am going to write next will not be accepted by most of you readers. But i just want to let you know that what i am writing is proved and is already a thesis in Madras University.

St Thomas wanted to learn Tamil. Tamil is a old classical language and was very popular at those days. So Thomas wanted someone so that he could teach him Tamil. Then he came to meet a Tamil Poet name Tiruvallur.

*Both lived 2000 years ago in the very first century.

*Both are from mylapore(santhome was a part of mylapore those days)

*there are 40 other proof in the thesis. (I will be the member of the college from Jan , so will let you know the other 38 proof when i get access to that thesis).

Now Thirvalluvar and Thomas were good friends. Thirvalluvar used to teach him Tamil and Thomas used to teach him about Teaching of Jesus. If you have read both Thirukural and the Bible(mostly the teaching of the Christ and the proverbs) you can find lots of similarities between them. And the thesis also goes on to say that Thirvalluvar accepted Christ. And if you go through the life of both this great men. You will end up with a conclusion that " they were good friends and knew each other" or " Thomas and Thirvallur are the same person".

At that time the caste was also invented. The King gave names to people who were doing different work . The People who were working in Temple were know as Brahmins and the people who were in army were know as Rajput and so on different names were given for different professional. We Indian took this very seriously and made it our Caste which still exist in our country. So the barber became a caste , shepherd became another and so on.

I know many of you will not believe what i write, but it really doesn't matter. this is not going to take you to heaven or hell.