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* A lesson to learn 4m Rakesh Babu

3rd of May was like an "end of an era"(like Rachel said in F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV serial) for me as my Friend babu was leaving. His train was at 4:30 from pothanur railway station in Coimbatore. We started at 2 from Coimbatore, 6 people were in Karunya call taxi and me on my Bike. After food zone Babu came on my bike. Seated back we were collecting all those memories which we have had for past 4 years.We were also having a small competition with the call taxi in which other 5 were seated(jaff,rufus,stalin,santhosh,avinash).

I know babu is a horrible driver cos i have been with him on my bike around Coimbatore few times and its always he who ride. Once he was trying to over talk a bus when an another bus was coming from front,would have been dead if he had not applied brake. He had applied for his driving licence in Hyderabad but then they rejected his application cos he failed in the written exam(sorry babu).

After crossing the karunya school,babu asked me to switch back.I never wanted to, knowing his riding skill, but then it was the last day and i didn't wanted to say no. So after overtaking the call taxi I sat back and so Babu was riding. While switching the call taxi over took us . Now Babu's aim was to overtake the call taxi. Was riding at 80km\hr without seeing on the road. I might had told him 100 times "Babu, slow down" (when I say 100 I mean 100). Before entering perur he was about to hit a bus...but then we had a narrow escape. After perur we saw the call taxi in the front it was stuck in a jam . Babu's tried overtaking from the wrong side

While trying to overtake from the wrong side ,he wasn't looking front he was looking at the friends inside the call taxi. Some bike was in the front which he notice after going very close and then he applied the front brake and lost the control. We both fell. He fell first and hurt his hand very badly.I fell on him so i wasn't hurt much just a scratch on hand and pain on my knees. He was bleeding very badly for about an hour. I knew the pain he was undergoing cos I too was tasting that in a small amount.Boys from the call taxi came running to help.

Bike shape had changed.The glass broke,mirror broke,brake broke. I was very angry not cos the bike was damage but cos he didn't listen to me 100 times what i said, wanted to scold but then it was the last day and also his innocent baby smile. But then in that bloody scene Babu got up and said "BINNY THIS IS NOT JUST AN ACCIDENT BUT THIS IS NOW A MEMORY".Now who would think this positive in such place. He was 'enjoying the accident' instead of being worried or afraid or showing any other negative emotion and he said " MORE THAN PAIN LAUGH IS COMING". Amazing guy.

So what did you learn.

Stay cool Always.


* maa (Mother)

To the people who do not know 9Th of May is Mother's day.So make sure you wish her.

" I'll Always love my Mama - You only get One "
There is no greater love than the love of a Mother. There are times, even now, when I don’t feel well and I pick up the phone and call my Mother. As soon as I hear her voice I revert to a child, “Mama, I don’t feel good.” And in her loving fashion, she makes everything alright for me with her love. She has been the stronghold of my life and in some strange way I just always expect her to be here. My mind knows that is not reality, but my heart doesn’t want to accept it.
The Intruders said it best…..

To the people who are home, buy your mother something good which she loves or take her out for lunch or dinner.....Hug her tight and say "I Love You Maa...You the best"