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* It Hurts.

A business is establish by investment,I believe even relationship are build by investment.In business you invest money but in relationship you invest Love , Time , Care , Prayers ... ... etc etc.

Example) Consider friendship: Its a relationship where two people invest there time , love , care ,and other stuff . The more Time and Love you invest the more stronger the bond becomes and sweeter the relationship.The same thing is also in a Father - son\daughter relationship.The father invest love,time,money and everything he has on his son...that's why the bond is more stronger and sweeter.

Did you ever had an experience of being ignored by your friends or family members with whom you shared a strong bond. You must be having atleast one. I am sure its hurts real bad. Sometimes this kills you from inside.

Now think about the Bond between you and God.He has invested like no one else. He gave His life on that Cross.He knows you better than anyone else. I would say this is the strongest bond.Now if we ignore him how badly will it hurt Him.You might get ignored by people for like few days due to there circumstance but how long do we ignore GOD.I believe he must be saying "Son, Don't ignore me, it hurts real bad" and I also believe that this must be more painful that what He underwent on cross. So please make sure you spend proper time with God.

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