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* Trip to Neyveli and Pondicherry

It been long since I blogged,was busy with project.Submitted the first time,got rejected.Second time they screwed us badly[this is what you get for all your hard work],finally we passed.Needed a break.

Rufus's [a friend] dad works in Neyveli ,a beautiful place to north of pondicherry. The corporation campus was very well planned and beautiful.Green,proper road with very less population.

From karunya to Neyveli:
Started on 19th night from karunya. The driver was driving in such a way that others were overtaking us from both right and left on the avinashi road.We were seated in the last seat. After salem the road was so bad that for some moment I thought I was in "My Bihar".Seated at the back was cursing the driver with words. We reached by 5 am. Slept till 1 pm.Got few bike and went around Neyveli. Had King size,Home made Lunch at Rufus's.

Neyveli Lignite corporation:
evening went along with uncle to the mining spot.Was Fun seeing those big big machine of around 300 feet tall.Even got to climb on one of those.

We are standing on the Top of a 300 feet machine...

Wilson (Rufus's bro)...back is the turbine to pick the lignite.

see a person standing on the second right side wheel,just to compare the height of the machine.

In front of the Lignite cutter.

Our transportation inside the Lignite mine.

Evening came back from mine , went around the town with Arun .Went to Rufus's school,where the dog chased us out then to the church which was closed.Then to the main Bazaar,which was closed except some sweet shop.Went around in a car[Rufus reckless driving] and 4 two-wheeler.

Night walk:

Around 10:30 pm went for a walk. Arun showed us a house which was haunted [some female committed suicide]. While returning police caught us for roaming around at mid-night.He thought we were Naxalities. But finally left us.

Sunday morning:
Got up around 7,Father berkmann song from television .Went to AG church within the corporation.Nice worship.Other boys came just at the time to say "Amen".

started at 10:30 am to pondy in a mini van. Sat near the driver[my fav place in bus].Back friends watching "vetakaran".Vijay's latest movie.

Auroville : A non-religious meditation place

Pondy beach.Nice place.Got lots of sea shells.

Pondy church,some 250 years old.

Caught the SETC bus.This time it was comfortable.Morning around 6 am,the driver applied sudden brake and another bus from back hit ours.A small accident. Nice way to finish the trip.

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