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* Possessiveness : Bulids or Ruins a friendship?

EVERY PERSON in this world at some point of his time gets too possessive or obsessed about some thing/ person.Possessiveness is important in friendship but within a limit.

Friends have a special bond, and that bond can be tighter than others.I am going to talk here in context of friendship.

By being possessive, you are trying to take away the freedom of that other person. This creates insecurity for the partner, which ends up in misunderstandings.

Although possessiveness has all the bad traits it is a bit sweet that someone is so important to us. You get possessive on a person when you care immensely!!! It’s just a feeling. If not controlled, it may ruin or spoil the relationship...or your equation with that particular person at the least….
Possessiveness......! !! Is like a pinch of salt....!!!Either Too much Or Too less will make the taste horrible...!!Possessiveness is the binding energy of the bonding....!!Either Too much Or Too less will break the bonding...!!

You have to remember that your friend has other friends just like you do and he needs to spend time with those other friends just as you do with yours.I would suggest having a talk with friend and explaining to him how you feel. I know that sometimes that it can be uncomfortable do so, but you will feel better afterwards and there will be a an understanding of the situation between you two. Communication is key, you need communication in a friendship or any kind of relationship for that matter. Explain to him how you feel and if he is a true friend, he will understand, trust me.

A relation does not involve ownership. It requires partnership.



nice yar


dude, wen u turn politician.. u ll surely have my vote ;)
keep writin more.. dont get too philosophical.. throw in a few jokes.. (u ve got plenty of humor , i know ) .. work on ur vocab... btw, ths is soo true..thts all 4m me :P

btw, possessiveness sux! n both ppl on both sides are hurt (i mean ,both the 'donor' n the 'reciever'..eventually the relationship is ruined.. good work, binny.. :)


reaallly true dude...... possessivness is a gud thing n a frd but in the same way over possesivnes kills


i agree.


good thought binny....i agree to it!!


good one.....

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What about the book you are writting...release kab ho raha hai??


dude it makes sense..its nice...


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binny its really true dude...
possessiveness need handle properly.. good binny bhai


It's true..