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* Not all who drink are bad

A friend [Jaff] of mine was sharing this story today

Once a man went to pub.He had 70 rupees with him.He asked the cost of the beer,the shopkeeper told its 70."what is the cost of the wine??" "its 65 rupees" came the reply.So this guy got the drink that cost him 65 and had the drink and left the pub.The boy who was collecting up the bottle when took this man's bottle He found 5 rs beneath it left as tips.

Normally when people talk about the people who Drink,they give a very wrong picture about them.
some of them are ......They get angry fast,NO sense of responsibility for themselves and toward other people.There behavior exhibits violence and self centeredness.bla bla bla...

There are those who can function well even when drunk and are non violent though the addiction and dependence to alcohol is still present, and there are those who lose their control over themselves and literally turns into a different person when drunk-a violent one.

I don't see how u can tell if a person has bad character or not just by what he drinks. That's like calling u a Maoist hardliner just because u wear a lot of red colored shirts.

I do not think so. moreover, if a person takes alcohol occassionaly , then it is ok. But if the same person takes continuously, then there is something wrong with them. It is not that they are loose moraless character, they may have some tension due to that they become addicted to this vice but on the contrary you cannot consider that they are bad character.

Now by writing this i don't say drinking is okay.I am not talking about the person's drinking habit...i am talking about the person and his Character.

Even there exist normal person who don't drink has the above problem (i.e They get angry fast,NO sense of responsibility for themselves and toward other people.There behavior exhibits violence and self centeredness.bla bla bla...)

So what i say is not all who drink are Bad.I know people[some I call Friends] who drink but have no pride,no jealousy,very helping in nature,Good in talking and loads of other good character. Most of them are far better than others who call themselves as "good habit people" just because they don't drink.

So never look low at person who drinks.But if you are a person who drinks than don't get too high "STOP DRINKING"



tats a pretty good prespective


hmm....set me thinking...




ofcors..evry1 knows dat


exactly dude... all who drink arent bad and all who dont drink also arent bad....


good thought dude...
its a fact which everyone know but only few realize it when its needed.


I agree totally.. just because a person boozes doesn't make him/her a bad person.. everyone has short comings but does that mean the person is as Binny framed it "loose moral-less characters" I don't think so.!!
I think its high time we esp the Karunyans realize that..


woo...interesting one....:)