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* College Life

Although I absolutely hate getting up early in the morning,and that my class starts by 9 am,
I get up no later than 8:00, do my devotions and then get a shower and get to class. Well since I am no where close to being a morning person, I have to now get myself into a routine for the weekdays.
But, just a suggestion to all students who hate getting up early in the morning, try to sleep early....or get atleast 1 or 2 hour of sleep in class during lecture or free class you won't have to strain yourself more.
Make sure you get 8 - 9 hours of sleep everyday.....[And don't miss your breakfast before morning college]

Wing mate or Study Group:
School is different in a lot of ways than college, one of the big ones I have learned is the phenomenon called study groups.You get to help others while they help and you enhance you in ways you never thought possible just by studying. It was a lot of fun.You can talk about Issues you are having and also share stuff.Help each other with Timing and chat.

Top 10 things to try on college Campus:

  • Hang out with your room mate.
  • Call home at least once a week.
  • Watch a movie with just you and your floor and laugh til you cry.
  • Walk around the campus (outside) with your friend ....talking .
  • Break rules. (Make sure you don't land up in problem.)
  • Learn a new language.
  • Learn a new instrument ( guitar or Trumpet)
  • College friends, wine, food, fun = memorable weekend
  • Write diary daily.

when you come to Friday evening
you might look around and say wow there is absolutely nothing to do.if this is what you were thinking you would be completely wrong. There are plenty of things to do on and off campus. The only thing you need is your friends and a little bit of imagination.
Let me give you some example.
  • invite your friends to your room for some good movie...
  • walk around the campus with your friend(s)....take coffee in some roadside shop new places in your campus.
  • walk back to your room and then REALLY talk....its nice to have a real conversation with someone and get to know them a lot better.
EXAM: study time:
well don't want to write any on this....but do get proper sleep.

Hall Association Activities:
This is basically a group that will get together and plan different activities for people on campus but more specifically in your residence to do to have fun,normally volley ball,basket ball .......or cricket match.You get to hang out with some of the people that you don't see very often because they are in the other residence hall.

Other than trip organize by class or by your department ...make sure you too make your own during weekend and other holidays..... go for mountain trekking, or go to city just to have a BIG lunch with your friend..amusement park...or some where far for 2 or 3 day....make sure you get your parents permission.

"What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies."
Very essential to enjoy college life...The friend you make here soon turn out to be much closer to you than your relatives. while making friends make sure that you also include people from different state or that you learn about other people culture , behavior , language(like make north Indian friends to learn Hindi or Tamil friends to learn wise) ...etc....etc. try to know everyone name in your dept or your residence...don't call them as " YOU".

You might need some amount of skill here.Most colleges has a certain amount of attendance percentage..So calculate the number of days you can bunk to have the minimum attendance requirement.Bunk on real if you want to see a new release,or if you want to really sleep(if climate is good)...etc....etc.always have some extra days till the end ,just in case you fall sick or something else comes by.

Things you would need in college campus:
  1. Cycle (Especially if you enjoy nature...Click) .
  2. Camera( memories).
  3. Music Player.
  4. A system to watch movie.
  5. Phone keep in touch with school friends.



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