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* Road Safety

While on road i am scared of just two things.Its not shapeless bad Indian road with pits and no proper traffic rules.But it something else.They are

  • Policewomen

  • Women Driver

I am not saying you to be careful of them but to stay away.You want to know why.Read below.


Its always good to have ladies on road while driving ,but not they driving . Why??

Two reason.

1.They drive so slow and that too in the middle of the road.

On the other day i was riding to my college , a lady was driving at 35 -40 km/hr and right at the middle . Wasn't able to overtake her and then I saw her face in her rear mirror . It made me think that she was thinking " I am the king , sorry queen of the road and I am the fastest" cos behind her a dozen of bike and cars were there. Most of the women driver I find on road are same.It takes me 30 min to reach my college but if by chance I get to see a women driver , She eats up my 5 min and that petrol wasted.


2. Even if they commit a mistake in a Accident , No one asks them.

I was on a moped (Bajaj M80) in my town Bhabua.Was 7 am i morning. I was riding at 40 or 50 km/hr . Saw a woman at far walking on the side,all of a sudden without seeing left or right she jumped in front of my moped.I fell , she too fell.Immediately I heard a lorry driver from back cursing me and using words . And then a crowd gathered, everyone yelling at me "can't you see and drive".But was lucky to escape that one. Once in Cbe i saw a women knocking a cycle with her Maruthi 800 and again the same thing people scolding the Cycle guy instead of the women driver.

So what to do...Guys Don't be just careful.....STAY AWAY.While overtaking make sure you are 2 meter apart.And stay slow.


From childhood i have never been scared of police cos my house is inside a police colony.So was very friendly to them.But few years back i had an incident that made me damn scared of police women.

I was riding in Bihar.Police are just dummies in Bihar.So I'm never scared of them.But on that day there was a road jam so i was there waiting for the road to get clear in the front.Suddenly a Policewoman charged me with her stick.OMG!.I was so angry cos she also broke my headlight.The funny thing is till today i don't know why she did that.I was on my side with helmet on my head.I have spent time thinking what wrong i did.And guess what ?? NO ANSWER.People stay away from them,they are the worst .

Policewomen might be different in different state.But Women driver they are same everywhere.I suggest Government should ban them or make separate road for them like what they do here in Karunya .

People who don't beileve me just type "Women driver" in Google Image.You will understand.


* Charity

Just few days back I gave a message in my class and thought may be I should write down the message in my blog.So here it is.

Remember 4 things.

1.Do Charity.
2.Do Locally.
3.Don't expect anything in return.
4.When you give ,give secretly.

Now I argue you all faithful readers of my blog to pass this message to other friends and relative of yours so that they too can benefit from this.And please leave a comment if you benefit from this message. THANK YOU

Any religion has two components.
Duty toward God.
Duty toward mankind.

Everywhere,everyone talks about spirituality but very few on humanism.

Jesus when on Earth advice his disciples to take care of orphans,Widows and needy.And that is religion according to Him.[James 3:14]

1.Do Charity

Every Religion teaches us about Giving.

Muslims gives a amount of there annual income know as Zakat(A compulsory charity) and Hindus have rules on Giving a portion of there wealth to poor.Christian are taught to give 10% .If you are an atheist than you believe in Humanism , So do charity.

Malachi 3:10 Says "Bring the whole tithes into my store house,that there might be food in my house.Test me in this, "says the LORD almighty, "and see i don't open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough to receive it"

2.Do Locally

Start with your place.Don't just give away to organisation or for some foreign fund[I don't say its wrong,but what is the guarantee that your donation was used in a proper way].

Go to an Orphanage in you town or city donate the kids a cycle or buy them all a good afternoon meals.

Go to an Old age home and buy them an Air cooler or some books or sponsor there small medical expense.

You can also DO by spending some time with the people there and talk and listen to them.You will get 'The Joy of Giving' which you can't buy of gold or money

3. Don't Expect anything in return.

There are lots of things I would write here directly but will do soon in another 4 months [After my Graduation].Some Organisation[Ashamed to say some call themselves as Christians] promise blessing from God in return for some money or donation toward there Organisation.They are fraud.I will tell it again, They are fraud

"After 33 year of His Ministry On earth,when the time had come Jesus was arrested,beaten black and blue.For three long hours weariness,grief ,fear and anguish sweeps in upon His soul like a torrent.People spat on Him,wore the crown of thrones,was mocked all the way to mount Golgotha Carrying the heavy cross on which He was hanged by those three nails pierced in this arms and legs.Just imagine the pain he underwent"

I ask you just one question,Why was Jesus doing this?

He was paying the price for the forgiveness of our sins.

He was paying the price for blessing of our Family.

He was paying price for the Healing of our disease.

He was paying price for blessing of our relationship..

The price for all blessing was paid on the cross of Calvary by LORD Jesus,there isn't any need to pay to some organisation to get God's blessing.

Give it voluntarily not because you want something in return.No one can force you in this.

4. When you give give secretly.

Don't blow trumpet after you have done something for needy.

Matthews 6:3 say "Let not left hand know what right hand is doing while giving".

I see many People preaching in TV not about GOD but about themselves.What they have done,what they are giving.

That's totally wrong.Christianity is about secret Giving.

So give cheerfully.

* The Apostle of Love, Dr.D.G.S.Dhinakaran

Today is second death anniversary of Karunya's Founder DGS Dhinakaran

The love, compassion, humility, holiness, truth, dedication and an unbiased concern for all people without any difference of caste, colour, creed etc seen in the life and ministry of Uncle D.G.S. Dhinakaran made millions and millions of people turn towards the Lord Jesus!

Uncle D.G.S. Dhinakaran was absolutely sincere and completely committed in the ministry of the Lord. He desired that others also should rise and go around the world to spread the message of the Lord! As guided by the will of God.

Truly a Great man of God who has touched many lives through his messages, songs and prayers. I praise God for this great man of God. I miss you Uncle Dhinakaran.

* Quality of life: Smile :)

A smile costs nothing but gives much. It enriches those who receive without making poorer those who give. It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. None is so rich or mighty that he cannot get along without it and none is so poor that he cannot be made rich by it. Yet a smile cannot be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen, for it is something that is of no value to anyone until it is given away. Some people are too tired to give you a smile. Give them one of yours, as none needs a smile so much as he who has no more to give.

A smile is something you can't give away; it always comes back to you.

Peace begins with a smile.

Smile - it increases your face value.

A smile is a powerful weapon; you can even break ice with it.

Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.

A smile can brighten the darkest day.

All the statistics in the world can't measure the warmth of a smile.

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.

A friendly look, a kindly smile, one good act, and life's worthwhile.

Always remember to be happy because you never know who's falling in love with your smile.



While you stayed here in college for 4 years,you might have had lots of fight ,war of words,misunderstanding,tension,etc etc.

But now after the time has passed, you might not be MAD at the person who has HURT you but you still don't talk to him/her cos of the EGO you have.


Ego is another strong driver of our behavior and decision.EGO wants us to be "right" and moves us into defending our position sometime unreasonably.We people are highly egoistic and never compromise on that.

Set aside your ego and reconcile.Person having Ego are not Great . There is a saying "It takes a big person to admit his mistake".Don't sit and think it was His/Her mistake.Be a "Big man" and reconcile.Take the first step.Don't wait for others.So I request all the reader and final year friends to reconcile what ever that has gone wrong and Go away in a Happy mode.Sometime another's ego might corrupt a true friendship.

If there is somethings that still hurt, it better to sit and talk and finish in a positive mode.

Thank you


* Save the Tiger

Spread the word: Go out loud and tell others that tigers are dying and that they need our help. You can form forums (or join existing ones) on the web for discussions and exchange views on tiger conservation. Reach school going children. WWF can help you in this regard.

Be a responsible tourist: The wilderness is to be experienced and not to be disturbed and polluted. Follow the forest department guidelines when visiting any wilderness area, tiger reserve in particular. As the saying goes ‘Don’t leave thing anything behind except foot steps, and don’t take anything except memories.’

Write to the policy makers: If you are really concerned and feel that more needs to be done for tiger conservation, then write polite letters to the decision makers - the Prime Minister, the Minister for Environment and Forests or even your local MP.

Informing the nearest police station: If you know of any information on poaching or trade of illegal wildlife. You can also contact TRAFFIC- an organisation fighting the powerful poachers and pass on the information to them.

Reducing pressure on natural resources: By reducing the use of products derived from forests, such as timber and paper.

* Is SHE Indian?

Today was the Last day of the college and my teacher forced us out of class cos we were making lots of sound.So we headed to the central library of the university.While reading THE WEEK magazine. I came across a comment by Kushwant Singh,a renown novel writer and has published lots of humorous books and is a prominent journalist.the comment by him is typed down in yellow text color.But before that let me tell you about my political role model,Sonia Gandhi.

Born into a family of modest means in an Italian village on the banks of a river 57 years ago, Sonia Maino, now Sonia Gandhi, has weaved a dramatic way to a place in history by becoming the President of India's century-old Congress party.

After the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi no one would have thought that congress would be able to again hold the power in India.Sonia Gandhi was completely new to our country's politics and culture.But on 16 may, 2004 this lady defeated NDA[BJP and other useless party] single handedly .

Gandhi's foreign birth has sparked intense debate and opposition.After the election result, the defeated NDA protested once against her 'foreign origin' and senior NDA leader Sushma Swaraj threatened to shave her head and "sleep on the ground", among other things, should Sonia become prime minister.

So the question is "is she an Indian truly?"

"As far as i am concerned whether she was born in Turin or Tutikorin should be a little consequence.She is a better Indian than Sushma Swaraj,Sharad Pawar,Tariq Anwar,Advani or I, because while she CHOSE to became Indian,we are Indian by ACCIDENT of birth"

I would agree to this Wise old man totally.She is more Indian than all other politician.We are damn lucky to have Sonia ji .

* Not all who drink are bad

A friend [Jaff] of mine was sharing this story today

Once a man went to pub.He had 70 rupees with him.He asked the cost of the beer,the shopkeeper told its 70."what is the cost of the wine??" "its 65 rupees" came the reply.So this guy got the drink that cost him 65 and had the drink and left the pub.The boy who was collecting up the bottle when took this man's bottle He found 5 rs beneath it left as tips.

Normally when people talk about the people who Drink,they give a very wrong picture about them.
some of them are ......They get angry fast,NO sense of responsibility for themselves and toward other people.There behavior exhibits violence and self centeredness.bla bla bla...

There are those who can function well even when drunk and are non violent though the addiction and dependence to alcohol is still present, and there are those who lose their control over themselves and literally turns into a different person when drunk-a violent one.

I don't see how u can tell if a person has bad character or not just by what he drinks. That's like calling u a Maoist hardliner just because u wear a lot of red colored shirts.

I do not think so. moreover, if a person takes alcohol occassionaly , then it is ok. But if the same person takes continuously, then there is something wrong with them. It is not that they are loose moraless character, they may have some tension due to that they become addicted to this vice but on the contrary you cannot consider that they are bad character.

Now by writing this i don't say drinking is okay.I am not talking about the person's drinking habit...i am talking about the person and his Character.

Even there exist normal person who don't drink has the above problem (i.e They get angry fast,NO sense of responsibility for themselves and toward other people.There behavior exhibits violence and self centeredness.bla bla bla...)

So what i say is not all who drink are Bad.I know people[some I call Friends] who drink but have no pride,no jealousy,very helping in nature,Good in talking and loads of other good character. Most of them are far better than others who call themselves as "good habit people" just because they don't drink.

So never look low at person who drinks.But if you are a person who drinks than don't get too high "STOP DRINKING"


* INDIA - 1

North India -1

The Most respected elders in village
...they head the panchayat

For Living....

Widows standing in line for Food

Banarasi Saree....very famous like pattu Saree in Tamil nadu

a corpse lying on the Road....Picture from bihar

people crossing the ganga by ferry.....

Rickshaw driver waiting for Customer....they earn around 120-160 Rs per day but spend most of the money on Drinking....

Ganga Ghats at Varanasi(Banaras)[around 65 km from Bhabua] are considered as one of the holiest places in Varanasi. It is at the Ghats of Varanasi where we get to see life and death together.

sabbji [vegetable] market in North India ....

some shop

boy diving in Ganga

Salon [Men parlor]....Normally its very cheap in Bihar around 10 rs for hair cut + shaving + FREE Massage


* INDIA - 2


RAjdhani X-press on Track...Second fastest train in connects to all capital[rajdhani] cities in india

A scene from Andra pradesh...thats A.P Cine actor Mahesh Babu

A Market scene

People Traveling in village

A village scene

Children From Sasaram giving pose

South India truck...

Women from the village chatting..

Rickshaw puller

A Cow and a Camel

pilgrims crossing Ganga to Visit a Temple

road in Varanasi

Plastic Shop

road in Bihar...The only Proper Road is G.T road which is maintain by the central goverment

* Will Miss You

Having moved far away from everyone I care about, I was thinking about what it means to miss someone. What is it about close proximity that heals the hole in our hearts that distance creates? Talking on the phone, seeing pictures and video, it all helps but nothing is the same as standing face to face, the same as hugs and kisses. So much of who we are is wrapped up in that need for closeness, both physical and emotional. Even as I create friendships here, my thoughts are often with leaving for Bihar, or with people back in Bhabua, Sasaram and Santhosha vidhyalaya (even GEMS).

Why do I get to meet amazing people where ever I go, only to have to say goodbye? It's hard to be fully present here knowing I'll be saying goodbye in a few months. How am I supposed to keep doing this for an entire year?
Arghhhh!! God is using this, I will be stronger, more loving, more pastoral, more of who I'm meant to be. Wow, this blog was kind of a downer, but it was very cathartic. Thank you.

* College Life

Although I absolutely hate getting up early in the morning,and that my class starts by 9 am,
I get up no later than 8:00, do my devotions and then get a shower and get to class. Well since I am no where close to being a morning person, I have to now get myself into a routine for the weekdays.
But, just a suggestion to all students who hate getting up early in the morning, try to sleep early....or get atleast 1 or 2 hour of sleep in class during lecture or free class you won't have to strain yourself more.
Make sure you get 8 - 9 hours of sleep everyday.....[And don't miss your breakfast before morning college]

Wing mate or Study Group:
School is different in a lot of ways than college, one of the big ones I have learned is the phenomenon called study groups.You get to help others while they help and you enhance you in ways you never thought possible just by studying. It was a lot of fun.You can talk about Issues you are having and also share stuff.Help each other with Timing and chat.

Top 10 things to try on college Campus:

  • Hang out with your room mate.
  • Call home at least once a week.
  • Watch a movie with just you and your floor and laugh til you cry.
  • Walk around the campus (outside) with your friend ....talking .
  • Break rules. (Make sure you don't land up in problem.)
  • Learn a new language.
  • Learn a new instrument ( guitar or Trumpet)
  • College friends, wine, food, fun = memorable weekend
  • Write diary daily.

when you come to Friday evening
you might look around and say wow there is absolutely nothing to do.if this is what you were thinking you would be completely wrong. There are plenty of things to do on and off campus. The only thing you need is your friends and a little bit of imagination.
Let me give you some example.
  • invite your friends to your room for some good movie...
  • walk around the campus with your friend(s)....take coffee in some roadside shop new places in your campus.
  • walk back to your room and then REALLY talk....its nice to have a real conversation with someone and get to know them a lot better.
EXAM: study time:
well don't want to write any on this....but do get proper sleep.

Hall Association Activities:
This is basically a group that will get together and plan different activities for people on campus but more specifically in your residence to do to have fun,normally volley ball,basket ball .......or cricket match.You get to hang out with some of the people that you don't see very often because they are in the other residence hall.

Other than trip organize by class or by your department ...make sure you too make your own during weekend and other holidays..... go for mountain trekking, or go to city just to have a BIG lunch with your friend..amusement park...or some where far for 2 or 3 day....make sure you get your parents permission.

"What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies."
Very essential to enjoy college life...The friend you make here soon turn out to be much closer to you than your relatives. while making friends make sure that you also include people from different state or that you learn about other people culture , behavior , language(like make north Indian friends to learn Hindi or Tamil friends to learn wise) ...etc....etc. try to know everyone name in your dept or your residence...don't call them as " YOU".

You might need some amount of skill here.Most colleges has a certain amount of attendance percentage..So calculate the number of days you can bunk to have the minimum attendance requirement.Bunk on real if you want to see a new release,or if you want to really sleep(if climate is good)...etc....etc.always have some extra days till the end ,just in case you fall sick or something else comes by.

Things you would need in college campus:
  1. Cycle (Especially if you enjoy nature...Click) .
  2. Camera( memories).
  3. Music Player.
  4. A system to watch movie.
  5. Phone keep in touch with school friends.