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* Martyred for the Lord!

Committed to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in the nation, GEMS missionary Bro. Sarvan Kumar ministered in the state of Jharkhand in a place called Kiwi. He was attacked by the opposers and died as a martyr on 12th Sep 2010. He was born in a Hindu family in a place called Jhumri Tilaya in Koderma in Jharkhand. He accepted the Lord through GEMS missionary Bro. Victor Immanuel. He right away committed himself to serve Christ passionately. He was always seen moved to tears when praying for the nation. To die as a martyr for the Lord was his desire. He was zealous in preaching the gospel and reaching out to the people. He was never reluctant to go and share Christ in difficult places.

In 1997, GEMS had done preparatory works to conduct a gospel meeting in a place called Sitamarhi, which is believed by the Hindus as the birthplace of Sita. A group of young Hindu fanatics burnt the stage and attacked the missionaries. Bro. Sarvan was also attacked and was severely wounded in his head. Since then, he was very much affected in his health. But still he was never discouraged in sharing the gospel. In 2002 he married Sis. Soni and they ministered as a family. His wife, Sis. Soni was brought up in GEMS Happy Home from her childhood.

Bro. Sarvan who amidst his weakness went to share the gospel was missing since 12th of September. His brothers went in search of him. In the meantime on 15th Sep a newspaper report said that a person was found dead in a well in Garwah. They went and enquired and to their shock they found that it was their brother Sarvan. His body was found in a well in a village called Satharpur which is 3 kms away from Garwah. There were wounds & scars in his neck and face. None of his belongings could be found. The mysterious death of Bro. Sarvan was a big shock to the GEMS family. We request you to pray for his wife Sis. Soni and their child Shabnam aged 5 years.

Bihar which was once called as the ‘Graveyard of Missionaries’ is seeing the harvest of souls these days. We believe that the death of Bro. Sarvan would bring glory to God whom he served until his death and would also rise many who would serve like him, who did not count dear his own life, but only the cause of Christ.


St Thomas and Tiruvalluvar

For past 4 month i was in Triplicane (Chennai) which is half K.M from marina beach. The very next stop is santhome where you have a very big Church build on the grave of St Thomas , one of the disciple of Messiah. Now let me tell you how St Thomas came to India.

A king from Kerela wanted to build a palace for himself. So he commanded his minister to look for a good carpenter. The minister came to know that there are good carpenters in Israel. So he headed off to Israel and asked the king of Israel that they wanted a good carpenter , the Israel's king said that they can find good carpenter in Bethlehem. so the minister went to Bethlehem and asked the people and someone said about Jesus(Jesus was a carpenter's son). So the minister went and said to Jesus that the king wants him to build a palace for him, Jesus replied saying that he can't but he will send one of his disciples. So after Jesus was taken to heaven, Thomas packed and landed in India to build the temple for the king of Cochin. But the money given by the king to build the palace as used to do charity instead of building the palace for the king. after few month the king wanted to see the work of the palace. but there was nothing build. the king was angry and called Thomas. Thomas said to the king " Majesty , what you build on this earth will soon be destroyed, but what you make for God's kingdom stands forever" and then Thomas preached Jesus to the king and the king accepted the saviour and was saved.

This is how he came to India. and from there on he preached Jesus in Kerela and Tamil nadu.

What i am going to write next will not be accepted by most of you readers. But i just want to let you know that what i am writing is proved and is already a thesis in Madras University.

St Thomas wanted to learn Tamil. Tamil is a old classical language and was very popular at those days. So Thomas wanted someone so that he could teach him Tamil. Then he came to meet a Tamil Poet name Tiruvallur.

*Both lived 2000 years ago in the very first century.

*Both are from mylapore(santhome was a part of mylapore those days)

*there are 40 other proof in the thesis. (I will be the member of the college from Jan , so will let you know the other 38 proof when i get access to that thesis).

Now Thirvalluvar and Thomas were good friends. Thirvalluvar used to teach him Tamil and Thomas used to teach him about Teaching of Jesus. If you have read both Thirukural and the Bible(mostly the teaching of the Christ and the proverbs) you can find lots of similarities between them. And the thesis also goes on to say that Thirvalluvar accepted Christ. And if you go through the life of both this great men. You will end up with a conclusion that " they were good friends and knew each other" or " Thomas and Thirvallur are the same person".

At that time the caste was also invented. The King gave names to people who were doing different work . The People who were working in Temple were know as Brahmins and the people who were in army were know as Rajput and so on different names were given for different professional. We Indian took this very seriously and made it our Caste which still exist in our country. So the barber became a caste , shepherd became another and so on.

I know many of you will not believe what i write, but it really doesn't matter. this is not going to take you to heaven or hell.


* Alvida

Having moved far away from everyone I care about, I was thinking about what it means to miss someone. What is it about close proximity that heals the hole in our hearts that distance creates? Talking on the phone, seeing pictures and video, it all helps but nothing is the same as standing face to face, the same as hugs and kisses. So much of who we are is wrapped up in that need for closeness, both physical and emotional. Even as I create friendships here, my thoughts are often with leaving for Bihar, or with people back in Bhabua, Sasaram , karunya and Santhosha vidhyalaya .

Why do I get to meet amazing people where ever I go, only to have to say goodbye? It's hard to be fully present here knowing I'll be saying goodbye in a few months. How am I supposed to keep doing this for an entire year? Arghhhh!! God is using this, I will be stronger, more loving, more pastoral, more of who I'm meant to be. Wow, this blog was kind of a downer, but it was very cathartic.

Here ends four years of my college life. From today no more classes to attend. And pretty soon I will cease to be a college guy.

Hmmm… Four years! I seem to remember my first day like it happened yesterday. The mixed emotions of excitement, fear and happiness of entering into a new world, all seem so vivid. And now when everything seemed so settled, its time to go.

College presented me with a lot of good memories and off course a few bad ones. I’m just glad that my good memories heavily outweigh the bad ones. The two class tours, those countless “unofficial” tours, the birthday celebrations, the films during strike days, painting ourselves during holi, getting fired by our teachers, running around taking print-outs for our lab records, copying assignments just five minutes before submission, those wedding trips, sending SMS and missed calls during class, learning together during the series exams, those birthday treats,, those sleepovers, the heated debates on each and every small thing, the public “paradooshanam” times, the song and dance sessions during the birthday celebration in residence…. oh god! I’m going to badly miss these happy days! :(

This is my “Painful Pleasure”.. thinking of those days that’ll never return :)


* 7 Reason why boys love Bike

1. A sense of adventure - need for adventure or risk taking - There is the adrenalin rush that others have written about.

2. To roam around freely - be it to go to the shop across the street or make a trip to honako.

3. To hang out with friends - to plan for outings wid friends
4. To discover new places - to venture to places where yu havent been before.

5. more testosterone - hence more aggressive - adrenalin high - thrill

6.sometimes relaxing:Other men, like myself, find it relaxing.

If I'm angry at something, I'll hop on my bike and take long ride with nobody else. Just me and the wind.

7.women find guys on bike attractive - For some reason, they all want a ride.

You can add few more......

* Staying happy in all circumstance

Never ever compromise on your happiness.

some people have got this special ability to be happy in any given situation,always smiling.Some people pretend to be cool,but not long.Anything we desire to change in our lives must first start with a change of heart and a change of mind.

1)You have got more number of reasons to be happy than the number of reason to be sad.
Try counting the blessing that you have got in your life,the list will be bigger than the problem you have got.You have got family to support you,you have got friends,food,shelter,clothes etc etc, you need to realize that many people are not fortunate like you.

The thing in life that gives you more happiness,give them more priority.
It can be God,Family,Friends,Job...etc..etc.Don't let you money,job status, academic failure ever steal away your happiness.Don't compare yourself with your friends or colleagues,you will never reach the top when you compare and will be deprived of happiness and satisfaction. You are unique and have thousands reasons to be happy.Don't care about the things that irritates you or spoils your mood.Life is short and it has to be enjoyed.
Ecclesiastes:3:13 says :There is nothing better for man than to be happy

3)Showoff your happiness
By smiling.This also spread happiness.

4)Your life....your protocols
Live life the way you want.Don't let this tradition and other stuff ruin you happiness.But live a simple life,living SIMPLE implies to live comfortably.

  • Choose your friends wisely. It's important to have positive thinking and believing people around you. People are also influenced by the people that they are around the most.
  • Most of all, have a grateful heart and attitude. When we are thankful for the little things, it helps you not to focus on negative things or complain about things you may not be able to change at the present time or at all.



* A lesson to learn 4m Rakesh Babu

3rd of May was like an "end of an era"(like Rachel said in F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV serial) for me as my Friend babu was leaving. His train was at 4:30 from pothanur railway station in Coimbatore. We started at 2 from Coimbatore, 6 people were in Karunya call taxi and me on my Bike. After food zone Babu came on my bike. Seated back we were collecting all those memories which we have had for past 4 years.We were also having a small competition with the call taxi in which other 5 were seated(jaff,rufus,stalin,santhosh,avinash).

I know babu is a horrible driver cos i have been with him on my bike around Coimbatore few times and its always he who ride. Once he was trying to over talk a bus when an another bus was coming from front,would have been dead if he had not applied brake. He had applied for his driving licence in Hyderabad but then they rejected his application cos he failed in the written exam(sorry babu).

After crossing the karunya school,babu asked me to switch back.I never wanted to, knowing his riding skill, but then it was the last day and i didn't wanted to say no. So after overtaking the call taxi I sat back and so Babu was riding. While switching the call taxi over took us . Now Babu's aim was to overtake the call taxi. Was riding at 80km\hr without seeing on the road. I might had told him 100 times "Babu, slow down" (when I say 100 I mean 100). Before entering perur he was about to hit a bus...but then we had a narrow escape. After perur we saw the call taxi in the front it was stuck in a jam . Babu's tried overtaking from the wrong side

While trying to overtake from the wrong side ,he wasn't looking front he was looking at the friends inside the call taxi. Some bike was in the front which he notice after going very close and then he applied the front brake and lost the control. We both fell. He fell first and hurt his hand very badly.I fell on him so i wasn't hurt much just a scratch on hand and pain on my knees. He was bleeding very badly for about an hour. I knew the pain he was undergoing cos I too was tasting that in a small amount.Boys from the call taxi came running to help.

Bike shape had changed.The glass broke,mirror broke,brake broke. I was very angry not cos the bike was damage but cos he didn't listen to me 100 times what i said, wanted to scold but then it was the last day and also his innocent baby smile. But then in that bloody scene Babu got up and said "BINNY THIS IS NOT JUST AN ACCIDENT BUT THIS IS NOW A MEMORY".Now who would think this positive in such place. He was 'enjoying the accident' instead of being worried or afraid or showing any other negative emotion and he said " MORE THAN PAIN LAUGH IS COMING". Amazing guy.

So what did you learn.

Stay cool Always.


* maa (Mother)

To the people who do not know 9Th of May is Mother's day.So make sure you wish her.

" I'll Always love my Mama - You only get One "
There is no greater love than the love of a Mother. There are times, even now, when I don’t feel well and I pick up the phone and call my Mother. As soon as I hear her voice I revert to a child, “Mama, I don’t feel good.” And in her loving fashion, she makes everything alright for me with her love. She has been the stronghold of my life and in some strange way I just always expect her to be here. My mind knows that is not reality, but my heart doesn’t want to accept it.
The Intruders said it best…..

To the people who are home, buy your mother something good which she loves or take her out for lunch or dinner.....Hug her tight and say "I Love You Maa...You the best"


* It Hurts.

A business is establish by investment,I believe even relationship are build by investment.In business you invest money but in relationship you invest Love , Time , Care , Prayers ... ... etc etc.

Example) Consider friendship: Its a relationship where two people invest there time , love , care ,and other stuff . The more Time and Love you invest the more stronger the bond becomes and sweeter the relationship.The same thing is also in a Father - son\daughter relationship.The father invest love,time,money and everything he has on his son...that's why the bond is more stronger and sweeter.

Did you ever had an experience of being ignored by your friends or family members with whom you shared a strong bond. You must be having atleast one. I am sure its hurts real bad. Sometimes this kills you from inside.

Now think about the Bond between you and God.He has invested like no one else. He gave His life on that Cross.He knows you better than anyone else. I would say this is the strongest bond.Now if we ignore him how badly will it hurt Him.You might get ignored by people for like few days due to there circumstance but how long do we ignore GOD.I believe he must be saying "Son, Don't ignore me, it hurts real bad" and I also believe that this must be more painful that what He underwent on cross. So please make sure you spend proper time with God.

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* Sania Mirza

I am not a big fan of sania but I do follow tennis for leander (married to Rhea Pillai,Sanjay Dutt ex-wife) and mahesh(dating lara dutta now,a former miss world or miss universe which i can't remember).There are 2 News that you can see atleast once in a week in our Indian newspaper , first "MIG crash" and second "Sania mirza crashes out in second round"(or sometime first round itself).

These days there is hot news in Pakistan and India about love and future wedding of Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza. This a relation which is developed in nationals of two rival countries.Many people are talking about this both positive and negative but mostly negative. Bal Thackeray(being Bihari, hate for Thackeray is there in my blood) lambasted sania saying she was not a true Indian.BJP asked her to rethink her decision.Twitter is being flooded by jokes and comment on the pair.

But it proves once again that love has no borders and limits. It can happen any where and with any one.
My congratulations to Ms. Sania Mirza. I wish you a very bright future in tennis and may you bring greater glory to India.

* Trip to Neyveli and Pondicherry

It been long since I blogged,was busy with project.Submitted the first time,got rejected.Second time they screwed us badly[this is what you get for all your hard work],finally we passed.Needed a break.

Rufus's [a friend] dad works in Neyveli ,a beautiful place to north of pondicherry. The corporation campus was very well planned and beautiful.Green,proper road with very less population.

From karunya to Neyveli:
Started on 19th night from karunya. The driver was driving in such a way that others were overtaking us from both right and left on the avinashi road.We were seated in the last seat. After salem the road was so bad that for some moment I thought I was in "My Bihar".Seated at the back was cursing the driver with words. We reached by 5 am. Slept till 1 pm.Got few bike and went around Neyveli. Had King size,Home made Lunch at Rufus's.

Neyveli Lignite corporation:
evening went along with uncle to the mining spot.Was Fun seeing those big big machine of around 300 feet tall.Even got to climb on one of those.

We are standing on the Top of a 300 feet machine...

Wilson (Rufus's bro)...back is the turbine to pick the lignite.

see a person standing on the second right side wheel,just to compare the height of the machine.

In front of the Lignite cutter.

Our transportation inside the Lignite mine.

Evening came back from mine , went around the town with Arun .Went to Rufus's school,where the dog chased us out then to the church which was closed.Then to the main Bazaar,which was closed except some sweet shop.Went around in a car[Rufus reckless driving] and 4 two-wheeler.

Night walk:

Around 10:30 pm went for a walk. Arun showed us a house which was haunted [some female committed suicide]. While returning police caught us for roaming around at mid-night.He thought we were Naxalities. But finally left us.

Sunday morning:
Got up around 7,Father berkmann song from television .Went to AG church within the corporation.Nice worship.Other boys came just at the time to say "Amen".

started at 10:30 am to pondy in a mini van. Sat near the driver[my fav place in bus].Back friends watching "vetakaran".Vijay's latest movie.

Auroville : A non-religious meditation place

Pondy beach.Nice place.Got lots of sea shells.

Pondy church,some 250 years old.

Caught the SETC bus.This time it was comfortable.Morning around 6 am,the driver applied sudden brake and another bus from back hit ours.A small accident. Nice way to finish the trip.

Yercaud Trip : visit here


* Possessiveness : Bulids or Ruins a friendship?

EVERY PERSON in this world at some point of his time gets too possessive or obsessed about some thing/ person.Possessiveness is important in friendship but within a limit.

Friends have a special bond, and that bond can be tighter than others.I am going to talk here in context of friendship.

By being possessive, you are trying to take away the freedom of that other person. This creates insecurity for the partner, which ends up in misunderstandings.

Although possessiveness has all the bad traits it is a bit sweet that someone is so important to us. You get possessive on a person when you care immensely!!! It’s just a feeling. If not controlled, it may ruin or spoil the relationship...or your equation with that particular person at the least….
Possessiveness......! !! Is like a pinch of salt....!!!Either Too much Or Too less will make the taste horrible...!!Possessiveness is the binding energy of the bonding....!!Either Too much Or Too less will break the bonding...!!

You have to remember that your friend has other friends just like you do and he needs to spend time with those other friends just as you do with yours.I would suggest having a talk with friend and explaining to him how you feel. I know that sometimes that it can be uncomfortable do so, but you will feel better afterwards and there will be a an understanding of the situation between you two. Communication is key, you need communication in a friendship or any kind of relationship for that matter. Explain to him how you feel and if he is a true friend, he will understand, trust me.

A relation does not involve ownership. It requires partnership.

* Quality of life:Be positive

Many people are negative thinkers, simply because they get discouraged. They want result fast and easy. Life isn't like that.

A person needs the power of positive thinking to experience the best in life and to enjoy the spiritual dimension. You see, positive thinking is another way of talking about faith - the belief that God is always there to help direct your life, and help you find happiness and fulfillment in your work and your relationship, including marriage and family. Positive thinking is even more important today because many people are discouraged, if not down right depressed.

When your mind is full of fear, doubt,and clutter, good ideas can't get through. You get your best ideas and make your best decisions when you're relaxed, open to impressions, and responsive to them.

Also, if you want to lead the good life, you need to be a good person. Many people are confused because they see "BAD" people who have very good lives - full of comforts and conveniences. But, you see, to me that is a superficial expression of the good life. The good life is one in which you are in peace in your inner soul. When you are at peace with yourself and other, and when you have good habits of positive thinking and living, you can make each day a better day.


* Road Safety

While on road i am scared of just two things.Its not shapeless bad Indian road with pits and no proper traffic rules.But it something else.They are

  • Policewomen

  • Women Driver

I am not saying you to be careful of them but to stay away.You want to know why.Read below.


Its always good to have ladies on road while driving ,but not they driving . Why??

Two reason.

1.They drive so slow and that too in the middle of the road.

On the other day i was riding to my college , a lady was driving at 35 -40 km/hr and right at the middle . Wasn't able to overtake her and then I saw her face in her rear mirror . It made me think that she was thinking " I am the king , sorry queen of the road and I am the fastest" cos behind her a dozen of bike and cars were there. Most of the women driver I find on road are same.It takes me 30 min to reach my college but if by chance I get to see a women driver , She eats up my 5 min and that petrol wasted.


2. Even if they commit a mistake in a Accident , No one asks them.

I was on a moped (Bajaj M80) in my town Bhabua.Was 7 am i morning. I was riding at 40 or 50 km/hr . Saw a woman at far walking on the side,all of a sudden without seeing left or right she jumped in front of my moped.I fell , she too fell.Immediately I heard a lorry driver from back cursing me and using words . And then a crowd gathered, everyone yelling at me "can't you see and drive".But was lucky to escape that one. Once in Cbe i saw a women knocking a cycle with her Maruthi 800 and again the same thing people scolding the Cycle guy instead of the women driver.

So what to do...Guys Don't be just careful.....STAY AWAY.While overtaking make sure you are 2 meter apart.And stay slow.


From childhood i have never been scared of police cos my house is inside a police colony.So was very friendly to them.But few years back i had an incident that made me damn scared of police women.

I was riding in Bihar.Police are just dummies in Bihar.So I'm never scared of them.But on that day there was a road jam so i was there waiting for the road to get clear in the front.Suddenly a Policewoman charged me with her stick.OMG!.I was so angry cos she also broke my headlight.The funny thing is till today i don't know why she did that.I was on my side with helmet on my head.I have spent time thinking what wrong i did.And guess what ?? NO ANSWER.People stay away from them,they are the worst .

Policewomen might be different in different state.But Women driver they are same everywhere.I suggest Government should ban them or make separate road for them like what they do here in Karunya .

People who don't beileve me just type "Women driver" in Google Image.You will understand.


* Charity

Just few days back I gave a message in my class and thought may be I should write down the message in my blog.So here it is.

Remember 4 things.

1.Do Charity.
2.Do Locally.
3.Don't expect anything in return.
4.When you give ,give secretly.

Now I argue you all faithful readers of my blog to pass this message to other friends and relative of yours so that they too can benefit from this.And please leave a comment if you benefit from this message. THANK YOU

Any religion has two components.
Duty toward God.
Duty toward mankind.

Everywhere,everyone talks about spirituality but very few on humanism.

Jesus when on Earth advice his disciples to take care of orphans,Widows and needy.And that is religion according to Him.[James 3:14]

1.Do Charity

Every Religion teaches us about Giving.

Muslims gives a amount of there annual income know as Zakat(A compulsory charity) and Hindus have rules on Giving a portion of there wealth to poor.Christian are taught to give 10% .If you are an atheist than you believe in Humanism , So do charity.

Malachi 3:10 Says "Bring the whole tithes into my store house,that there might be food in my house.Test me in this, "says the LORD almighty, "and see i don't open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough to receive it"

2.Do Locally

Start with your place.Don't just give away to organisation or for some foreign fund[I don't say its wrong,but what is the guarantee that your donation was used in a proper way].

Go to an Orphanage in you town or city donate the kids a cycle or buy them all a good afternoon meals.

Go to an Old age home and buy them an Air cooler or some books or sponsor there small medical expense.

You can also DO by spending some time with the people there and talk and listen to them.You will get 'The Joy of Giving' which you can't buy of gold or money

3. Don't Expect anything in return.

There are lots of things I would write here directly but will do soon in another 4 months [After my Graduation].Some Organisation[Ashamed to say some call themselves as Christians] promise blessing from God in return for some money or donation toward there Organisation.They are fraud.I will tell it again, They are fraud

"After 33 year of His Ministry On earth,when the time had come Jesus was arrested,beaten black and blue.For three long hours weariness,grief ,fear and anguish sweeps in upon His soul like a torrent.People spat on Him,wore the crown of thrones,was mocked all the way to mount Golgotha Carrying the heavy cross on which He was hanged by those three nails pierced in this arms and legs.Just imagine the pain he underwent"

I ask you just one question,Why was Jesus doing this?

He was paying the price for the forgiveness of our sins.

He was paying the price for blessing of our Family.

He was paying price for the Healing of our disease.

He was paying price for blessing of our relationship..

The price for all blessing was paid on the cross of Calvary by LORD Jesus,there isn't any need to pay to some organisation to get God's blessing.

Give it voluntarily not because you want something in return.No one can force you in this.

4. When you give give secretly.

Don't blow trumpet after you have done something for needy.

Matthews 6:3 say "Let not left hand know what right hand is doing while giving".

I see many People preaching in TV not about GOD but about themselves.What they have done,what they are giving.

That's totally wrong.Christianity is about secret Giving.

So give cheerfully.

* The Apostle of Love, Dr.D.G.S.Dhinakaran

Today is second death anniversary of Karunya's Founder DGS Dhinakaran

The love, compassion, humility, holiness, truth, dedication and an unbiased concern for all people without any difference of caste, colour, creed etc seen in the life and ministry of Uncle D.G.S. Dhinakaran made millions and millions of people turn towards the Lord Jesus!

Uncle D.G.S. Dhinakaran was absolutely sincere and completely committed in the ministry of the Lord. He desired that others also should rise and go around the world to spread the message of the Lord! As guided by the will of God.

Truly a Great man of God who has touched many lives through his messages, songs and prayers. I praise God for this great man of God. I miss you Uncle Dhinakaran.

* Quality of life: Smile :)

A smile costs nothing but gives much. It enriches those who receive without making poorer those who give. It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. None is so rich or mighty that he cannot get along without it and none is so poor that he cannot be made rich by it. Yet a smile cannot be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen, for it is something that is of no value to anyone until it is given away. Some people are too tired to give you a smile. Give them one of yours, as none needs a smile so much as he who has no more to give.

A smile is something you can't give away; it always comes back to you.

Peace begins with a smile.

Smile - it increases your face value.

A smile is a powerful weapon; you can even break ice with it.

Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.

A smile can brighten the darkest day.

All the statistics in the world can't measure the warmth of a smile.

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.

A friendly look, a kindly smile, one good act, and life's worthwhile.

Always remember to be happy because you never know who's falling in love with your smile.