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* Change to be Effective

This is the Universal Law.

10+6 will never give you 60...even if you fast and pray it will remain same.

but if you change + to *.
Small change in Operation BIG change in Result.

Pot + Water + Heat + Tea powder + milk + sugar gives Tea
We will not get mutton briyani.Why?
"cause the ingredient is not Correct to give you mutton briyani"

Product depends on ingredient you add.

Being Effective .

Step 1: Decide what you want in your life?
[ In our case:Tea Or Briyani ]

Step 2: List all that you do in average day.

Step 3: Classify Step 2 as essential and non-essential.

Step 4: Keep essential,Discord non-essential.

Step 5: Add new essential ingredient.

What Happen to you is not important,
what happen throught you is important.

When you're through changing, you're through.

You have to change people in order to change the World!

If you can't change your mind you'll never revolute!

Changes are good for you! They make you really depend on the Lord!

Change is one of the 7 basic needs of human happiness!--And variety is the spice of life!