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* benefit of cycling

Benefits Of Cycling

Heath Benefits
  • Cycling minimizes the risk of coronary heart disease. Essentially an aerobic exercise, it gives your heart, blood vessels and lungs a workout, thereby reducing the risk of heart problems.
  • A few miles of cycling per day assure trimmer and toned muscles. This is because your upper thigh muscles, backside and calf muscles all get to workout.
  • Pursuing cycling helps a great deal in building your stamina. It enables you to carry out your day-to-day activities more effectively.
  • For people, who are on the heavier side, cycling can prove to be beneficial. It manages weight and helps in getting rid of increased waistline and bulging fat.
  • The pleasure and satisfaction attained while riding a bicycle alleviates all the stress, anxiety and depression of a person.
  • This might come to you as a surprise, but cycling ensures a control in the level of blood pressure.
  • Cycling enhances the overall fitness level of a person. It makes you breathe deeper and perspire more, thereby leading to a feeling of enhanced body temperature.
  • Cycling has found to be effective for treating people diagnosed with diabetes and cancer.
Other Benefits
  • A complete leisure activity, cycling gives you the opportunity to spend time with friends.
  • A chance to meet new people and discover new places cannot be ruled out as well.
  • Cycling is a complete environmental friendly activity. Unlike other means of transport, it lets out no harmful chemicals in the air.
  • Cycling can prove to be the best mode to move around your local area without any difficulty.



i've never known so much advantage bout "cycling"..
well from now on i'd rather forget my scooty keys!!!

Ashish premraj

Good effort yaar to describe about Cycle rather than fancy bikes or cars....

nurul iman

Thank you very Steady info ... hopefully more successful.
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