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* Quality of life:Be positive

Many people are negative thinkers, simply because they get discouraged. They want result fast and easy. Life isn't like that.

A person needs the power of positive thinking to experience the best in life and to enjoy the spiritual dimension. You see, positive thinking is another way of talking about faith - the belief that God is always there to help direct your life, and help you find happiness and fulfillment in your work and your relationship, including marriage and family. Positive thinking is even more important today because many people are discouraged, if not down right depressed.

When your mind is full of fear, doubt,and clutter, good ideas can't get through. You get your best ideas and make your best decisions when you're relaxed, open to impressions, and responsive to them.

Also, if you want to lead the good life, you need to be a good person. Many people are confused because they see "BAD" people who have very good lives - full of comforts and conveniences. But, you see, to me that is a superficial expression of the good life. The good life is one in which you are in peace in your inner soul. When you are at peace with yourself and other, and when you have good habits of positive thinking and living, you can make each day a better day.