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* Just Try This

just try them ..

*Volunteer to help teach the little kids at church.
*Make it your goal to be expert in any field(computer,music,sports etc) and use that as a platform for witness.
*Keep a list of prayer request in your pocket.

*Find some place where you can be silent and alone ,still your souls listen to god.
*Fill a box with anything thing that is idol (raunchy movies,ungodly music,pornography etc) and have a bonfire.

*Have push up competition every night with your brother or dad or with yourself.
*Hang out with elderly people and ask them about there life.
*Fast for a day and spend the time you would normally use to eat talking to god.
*Hang out with little kids-a younger sibling,or a neighbor kid take them out for ice cream.
*Have a man to man talk with god and tell him how you feel.

*Write a letter to your future wife [whom you do not know]promising her that you will wait for her.
*Save money when other don't seem to for some purpose.