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* habitual bluffers.

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Bluff: To perform a different expression or action instead of what you would normally be presenting.

What Is Bluffing?

If you look in a dictionary, bluffing means misleading by a display of strength and confidence.You perform a bluff by showing a different expression or action instead of what you should

Why Do We Bluff?

Many know that...

Where Do We Bluff?

Where ever you are Comfortable.It is very important to feel comfortable with yourself when you bluff – it will make the bluff better and give it a higher chance of succeeding as well. Once you are comfortable with yourself, you are ready to take your chances.

Who Do We Bluff?

There is a saying, "Never try to bluff an idiot." I have to admit that this statement is likely to be very true.I would say there is a much better chance of bluffing a better and experienced person rather then a mediocre player.

The same bluff might not work the second time, so you should always mix your style in between bluff

Congratulations, now you have mastered the Four W's of bluffing and you know a little thing or two about it.

Till next time, happy bluffing.